The Monster in the Living Room

2 Feb

I’ve started at least four blog posts since the last one…I wanted to give my opinion of the ipad and e-readers in general, I refinished a side table that my boyfriend had been carting around forever and was falling apart on him and then there were general frustrations of moving to a new city without friends or support system nearby. (My boyfriend and I have only known each other since last May and moving in together was the first time we lived together and the first time I had lived with anyone other than my cat since late 2003.) Let’s just say it’s been an adjustment and it is getting better and leave it at that, k?

My main reason for the lack of blogging is the monster currently sleeping on the couch. He doesn’t know I’m in the office and out of his sight which is the only reason it’s quiet enough to hear myself think.

We have been keeping my cat, Angel, in the office while the animals get used to each other and she is still….wary of the dog, which is better than the sheer terror when started, so there is progress. There is a baby gate in the doorway which keeps the dog out, but allows the cats to come and go as they please. Our co-dependent dog HATES that gate and hates that we go somewhere that he can’t, but once in here, he goes right for the cat that is afraid of him. Of course he does. He’s like the annoying little brother of the family, the “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you” kind.

It is getting better and hopefully I’ll be able to work on some of the posts I started and never finished but, in the mean time, I’ll leave you with a photo of my monster so you can truly understand the magnitude of what I’m dealing with.


This is Bogart, over a hundred pounds of sheer stubborn Old English Bulldog (a cross breed of an english bulldog and a mastiff).

Thanks for listening,



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