About Me

This is my…third blog? And I’m going the anonymous route this time. Not because I was big and famous in the blogging world, but because boyfriendpants works in academia and I have been burned, BURNED by the merging of online life and real life in the form of ex-boyfriend stalkers and the eventual writing paralysis that comes from writing about the people in your life and knowing that they read about it.

I come from a small town in a rural area, my high school best friend described it as “the white trash capital of the world”. I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, but I left and had no intention of going back to live. I always pictured my ultimate putting down roots place as a cottage near the sea in a sleepy little town, not a bustling metropolis where the wind blows constantly and it’s way too cold most of the year*. Life is strange that way, and I’ve found that every time I make life plans, life hands me a curve ball so I’m trying to figure out how to live my life without planning too much.

Here are a few things about me in list form that I will add to sporadically.

1. I live in a two bedroom apartment in Chicago with the lovely boyfriendpants, our three cats and one giant dog.(which will each eventually have their own pages)

2. I’m a knitter, a photographer, an amateur chef, and a cat wrangler.

3. I’m a slob. The dog that puts anything on the floor or remotely food like in his mouth is helping me break my clutter habits.

4. I’m a wannabe fashionista, but I’m not “fierce”

5. I want more shoes. ALWAYS.

6. Boyfriendpants and I are a bit nomadic. I’m really having a hard time picturing a circumstance in which we would actually want to buy a house. Maybe to retire in? Really, the only reason I would want to own a place is so that I could design the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets the way I want them. We have already decided to move to another neighborhood in Chicago when our lease is up. We’ve been here not even 4 months and we’ve already decided to move on. Like I said. Nomadic.

7. I like to write and I occasionally have ideas about stories I’d like to write, but generally get caught up in the mechanics of it all and rarely get very far.

8. I hate to drive.

9. I don’t make friends easily and it takes a long time for me to open up to people.

10. I’m not really sure what my natural hair color is.

11. My longest relationship outside of family is with my cat. She has her own story and will get her own page to tell it.

12. I can read incredibly fast. Cost prohibitive fast.

13. I want to have a kid, maybe 2 and I worry that I’ll wait too long to make that happen, but I know I’m still not ready yet. (I have a few names picked out, just in case.)

14. I procrastinate. Some times that works for me, most times it doesn’t.


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