Project #1: The old side table

9 Feb

Boyfriendpants came with very few pieces for furniture, but one of those was this old side table, which I really loved the lines of…but not the look. It was in beyond shabby shape.


The finish was worn, it hadn’t been cleaned in I don’t know how long and living with two spoiled cats and a young dog hadn’t helped much either.


Either something else had been here before that wasn’t now, or the veneer on the top inserts had shrunk and pulled away from the surrounding wood, I couldn’t tell. But, it left a narrow channel that had been gathering debris for who knows how long. I cleaned the dust and cat hair out….


and filled with wood putty both on the very top…


and the lower surface…


while Bogart kept an eye on everything 😉

When the putty dried, I sanded the whole piece and painted it yellow….


then added a pale blue in the inset panels for depth and finished the whole thing with strategic sanding of the edges to give it a worn look.


Now it fits in with the rest of the furniture and colors, just using leftover paint. Boyfriendpants was happy that he was able to keep his favorite piece and I was happy that it was no longer an eyesore.

thanks for listening,



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