Because to be a writer, you have to actually….you know, write

15 Jan

I used to do this, I used to write on a blog 2-3 times a week and then the whole thing got….stale…old. I knew too many of my readers in real life and too many people that I knew in real life were reading me….so I ended that old blog.

And then I moved to a new city….where I know exactly one person, the boyfriend that I live with….who shall be known here as Boyfriend Pants, for anonymity’s sake. I followed him here where he started a new job and we are starting a new life together.

Which has its…, challenges. Like the fact that I became instant evil stepmother to three of the most spoiled pets on the planet. And my own cat refuses to leave the 2nd bedroom. Oh, and one of those spoiled animals is over a hundred pounds and much stronger than I am. Thank god he’s not very bright, it’s the only thing saving me right now.

I decided to start a new blog for the new life and the new city that I sort of just accidentally became a part of…and part of this is thrilling…it is a new life that has the potential to be great….but. But, right now, I’m playing a housewife sort of role and I’m not exactly domestic. And when it gets close to time for him to be home, I’m watching the clock cuz I HAVEN’T TALKED TO ANYONE ALL DAY EXCEPT FOR AN OVER-SIZED RETARD OF A DOG THAT HARDLY COUNTS AHHHH SAVE ME!!!


That part sucks.

Did I also mention that it’s cold here?

It is.

Really cold.

The food is good. I mean really good and I hardly ever have to drive. So, that’s good.

So, I suck at beginnings, always have, I would procrastinate til the last minute on every paper, agonizing over that stupid first sentence.

Remember those ridiculous papers where you had to tell the reader what you were going to talk about, talk about it, and then tell them again what you just said? I hated those, I wanted to just say it…if you could make your point in just a couple of paragraphs, why agonize all that time on how to sum up what you wanted to say in two different ways so that you had a proper beginning and end? I’ll never understand that….

So, I’m not starting my story, our story, at the beginning, but I am starting it.

If you want to be a writer, you have to write.

So, thanks for listening,



One Response to “Because to be a writer, you have to actually….you know, write”

  1. oanh January 21, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    Well, I have the opposite problem: I cannot finish. Starting is okay.

    Three years ago, I moved countries, following my partner to his job. I put my blog on hiatus because moving across the world and settling in was time-consuming and energy-sapping. I do wish now that I’d written at the time to capture what that was all like, the drifting and the grasping for belonging and the loneliness.. I didn’t even have animals to talk to!

    Look forward to reading more.

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