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Help a girl out, would you?

12 Apr


Late last week I saw or heard or someone brought up the game Candy Crush and I downloaded it to my ipad, thinking I would play it sometime when I was stuck somewhere and bored.
Fast forward to a week later and someone just shoot me now, ‘cause I started playing Monday of this week and I’m a teensy bit obsessed. The game gives you five lives to start and if you run through them, it makes you stop and wait 25 minutes for a new life or you have to beg the other suckers your dear friends who are also playing to take pity on you and gift you with one. Which you will immediately play because you are determined to win are an obsessed sucker just one more level before I give up, damnit!
I couldn’t even explain to you how this game sucks you in, but I am writing this because if I fail at the level I’m on one more time, I may never eat candy again. (Ok, not really.) You can play on your phone as well as on facebook and your various other app driven devices. I would tell you to be smart and don’t even get started, but I need more facebook friends so I can keep a steady flow of lives going. Get on that, would you? Momma’s got some jawbreakers to bust up so she can get to the next level!

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