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Going Home

24 Sep

I went home to visit family last weekend on Amtrak and I’ve yet to recover. I keep meaning to get online, but there are new books to read and a couple of projects that I’ve been obsessed with, and there you go. TIME. IT RUNS AWAY FROM ME. Ahem.

In between activities on my family weekend, I was sitting on my parents’ porch in my mom’s Cracker Barrel rocking chair just MARVELING at how quiet it was.

I grew up in the country. Middle of nowhere, spent summers with little clothes on, one neighbor within half a mile, country. And, to me, it was anything but quiet. It’s true that there’s no such thing as silence, insects buzz constantly and birds chirp all year long, mostly from the multitude of birdfeeders my mom has put around the property. And even after I moved to a city for the first time, I still didn’t notice the quiet. But, Chicago is just something altogether different. Between the el, the neighbors, the traffic and sirens, the drunks from the corner bar, I don’t think it’s ever quiet here, at least not on this street, in this neighborhood and you don’t notice, really. You get used to the noise, the energy of the place and for the most part don’t notice too much, but it’s there, in the corner of your mind and until you are sitting on a rocking chair with nothing to hear but the buzzing of insects and the chirping of birds that feels like silence all of a sudden. And you realize how LOUD your life is.


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