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Too long for Twitter, not long enough for its own post (or story of my writing)

25 Jun

I took my nephew to see Man of Steel this past weekend and they were having trouble with the projector so it started about 20 minutes late. While we were sitting there waiting, staring at a blank screen, my nephew leans over and whispers, “This movie is awesome! Thanks a lot for taking me, Aunt Bri!” He is such a shit. I adore him.

I have an unimaginable amount of useless knowledge rattling around in my brain, but don’t ask me where South Dakota is, apparently I delete states that I consider unimportant. (This happened and my mother was mortified.)

I was never one of those girls who had obsessive crushes on celebrities or even boys I went to school with. I didn’t want to know anything about a band because that would have potentially ruined the music for me. I had an actual opportunity to meet a celebrity that I admired and enjoyed and I turned it down because I didn’t want to take the chance that the reality of him would ruin my movie watching, but if I were to run into a certain British actor all of that caution would go out the window. Hello. I am a 36 year old woman and I have my first crush on a celebrity. Were we to meet, it would be love, I’m telling you. (Mostly kidding. Mostly.)

In three weeks I will be in Florida, geeking my little heart out over Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel superheroes, and movie magic. I am so excited to be taking my first vacation in four years that I can hardly contain myself. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook that week, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.


Matt Damon is trying to make a fool of my dog

4 Jul

I was just watching The Adjustment Bureau while Bogart snoozed in the floor. There’s a scene in the movie where Matt is alone in a cavernous room and he shouts out, “Helloooo!?” I’ll admit, it was pretty loud and Bogart awoke with a snort, swinging his giant head around while trying to determine where the voice had come from. When he didn’t see an immediate threat, he bolted downstairs, barking his fool head off, in what I can only assume was an attempt to protect me from some imaginary prowler. I followed, giggling uncontrollably, because there he was making a fool of himself over Matt Damon. Idiot dog.

More restaurants for your noming pleasure

26 Jul

The last two weekends have been about food and movies. One of our new favorite things to do on a sunday afternoon is to take the train to Lincoln Square for lunch and a matinee.

First up the restaurants we tried…..

If you are a french fry addict like I am, you have to try The Daily on Lincoln. Best french fries EVAH!! I am for serious! Go! Run! And get the cheese sauce, it will change your life. I can’t even remember what we ordered, the french fries are that good. 😉

Last sunday we went again only to remember that The Daily doesn’t open ‘til noon and our movie was at 1pm so we had to pick something else. We picked the Bad Dog Tavern across the street (still on Lincoln), mostly because it has a giant bulldog on the sign. 😉 BFP had the pan seared oatmeal which he loved, it looked like a giant oatcake drizzled with honey and fruit, apples and currants, he said it was delicious.

I had a burger which was good but believe it or not, it was the fountain soda that put me over the moon. You see, I have given up soda…with a caveat. I’m allowed to have soda when out and about. I was drinking a ridiculous amount of mountain dew every week and it wasn’t helping with the good food/lack of activity/long winter trifecta that caused weight gain for me and BFP. This was my first step. I stopped buying soda from the grocery store, but I did pick up a few bottles of mexican cokes and fantas a few weeks ago. I figure it doesn’t count…I’m not sure why but real sugar, yum!! And I saved the glass bottles for crafting. (BFP is rolling his eyes right now.)

Now the movies…..

First up was Despicable Me, the new pixar flick. We both loved it and giggled through the whole thing. The minions, omg the minions, they are adorable! I want one! This one goes on my list of the best animated movies with Up.

Last week, we saw a matinee of Inception, which was completely packed. Nolan has a habit of losing me in the first 20 minutes or so, since he likes to jump right in with the story before I’ve even figured out who the characters are.  BFP didn’t have a problem with it, but I was trying to figure out if I was going to enjoy it for a while there. And honestly? I left the theater still unsure if I had enjoyed myself. What I was left with is a dizzy, disoriented feeling that took a few minutes to dissipate. So, what’s the verdict? I liked it and I’ll tell you why.

Most of the movie existed in various dream worlds, the action in these interconnected dream worlds was not only fantastical, in the back of my mind I KNEW that it was special effects, but it was so nicely done, I couldn’t tell how they did it. Does that make sense? We’ve gotten so used to special effects, we can tell how the movie is tricking us to believe in it….green screen, wires, etc are so common that though we can’t see them, we can “see” them. That wasn’t the case with Inception. They were so well done, I left the theater feeling like I woke up from a dream. Which is…disturbing and really really cool. The price of admission was well worth it for the fight scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt alone. Dreamy and complicated and…ok, kinda hot. 😉 When did the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun get hot?! If you like smart heist movies, you will like this. Don’t try too hard to make sense of the “science” of the movie and enjoy the ride. (Nolan takes himself a bit too seriously, I think.)


Thanks for listening,


Shit my boyfriend says

9 Jul

The commercial for Eclipse plays and I watch his face and wait…..

Him: (making a face) Fucking vegetarian vampires!

Me: They eat bears and mountain lions.

Him: What?!

Me: They’re vegetarians in that they drink the blood of bears and mountain lions instead of people.

Him: Ok.

Me: Its not like they drink the blood of rats or something.

Him: That would almost be better.

Me: You can’t have a romance with a vampire that drinks rat blood!

Him: Exactly! Now THAT would be a challenge! That’s the kind of book I would read!

Me: sigh.

You Give Love a Bad Name

4 Mar

I was cruising through the internets yesterday and stumbled upon the information that Eclipse, the third Twilight movie is coming out this summer instead of in the fall as I expected. And then I freaked out a little cuz (Squeee!) I don’t have to wait as long as I thought for my next Edward fix and then I was all sad face cuz all my Twilight girls are back home and I would never in a million years ask my boyfriend to see it with me, but you better believe that I’ll be there on opening night. (He tells me that vampire stories are rape fantasies and then grins at me since he knows I disagree and would love to argue with him but I REFUSE, he would enjoy it entirely too much….most days I could cheerfully strangle that man lol)

The reason I’m writing this drivel is because I am unable to sleep and so I was looking at celebrity photos on E! and I kept coming across photos of Kristin Stewart and I just have to say that I love Twilight like a twelve year old girl and I’ve heard that Kristin is a fine actress in indie films but I have yet to see it and if I could go back in time and somehow make it into the casting process of the first movie, I would BEG them to find someone else ANYONE ELSE. The girl schlumps and sullenly mopes about and it’s just more than I can take and they are stuck with her for the rest of the franchise. UGH.

Also. My friend Adema would smack me but…..I don’t like Rob Pattinson either. I mean, he’s a fine enough actor, I think he has skillz, but he’s not Edward and one promo interview and I was pretty much over it.

Seriously, they both need to wash their hair.

And I am old. Officially.

thanks for listening,


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