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Google, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

31 Jul

            In a conversation at work yesterday, my friend Chris brought up the subject of Google and what we ever did without it. I started thinking about it last night and I remembered looking up the little girl’s name from Poltergeist while on vacation because we couldn’t remember her name and someone had jokingly said, “Don’t go into the light, Alice! Wait. That’s not right. What’s her name?” (It’s Carrie Ann in case you were wondering. I was.) This is an illustration of what my life was like before Google became my go-to for everything I wonder about:


Me and someone else watching TV….

Me:  I wonder how they do that thing.

Them: What?

Me: I mean, how did they make that thing do that? Don’t you find that thing interesting? Don’t you wonder about the thing?

Them: *Blank stare*

Me: I mean, what if

Them: No. Stop.

Me: *Blinking innocently*

Them: Where did you even come up with that? And why do you care? You are so WEIRD.

Me: *edging away quietly and vowing to never think aloud again*


(I’m not saying this happened.)

(But it totally did.)


I was going to make a Game of Thrones reference here but that only makes it worse

30 Jul

My brother once argued with me about going to a movie together, claiming that people would assume that we were boyfriend/girlfriend instead of brother/sister. I poo pooed the idea on the premise that anyone with eyes could read our body language and see that there is nothing romantic there, besides the fact that he’s ten years younger than I am and annoying as fuck half of the time.  But I forgot the universal truth that people are stupid. At home this wouldn’t really matter because any attractive men in this town are long since married or on their third divorce. When you choose to stay in your small hometown after high school/college, you generally get married young, mostly out of boredom would be my guess. (Unless your name is Carrie, in that particular case you married your soul mate and you are damn lucky.)

Anyway, the point being I thought my brother was being ridiculous and even I get bored with going to things alone so I wore him down and now we often see nerdy movies together. (Where I have been known to punch him in the ear when he gets more annoying than usual.)

Then we all went to Florida on a family vacation and the argument was turned on its head. While getting out of Space Mountain at Disney Hayden, my nephew, was referred to as our child. (Whaaaaa?!) My brother and I looked at each other in horror but said nothing because really, how could you possibly make this situation better? By embarrassing the poor kid running the ride?
As a girl who is as single as single gets, I do enjoy the occasional flirtation that happens away from home but I was being cockblocked by my own brother! That is a very strange feeling and I don’t like it. In the three instances of mild flirt that I got up to while in Florida, all three happened when I was alone or at least half a dozen steps away from anyone in my family. I’m not sure which is more distressing, that I look married or that I look like I would be married to my little brother. Oi.

Needless to say, the geeky thing I hopefully have planned to go to in St. Louis will be sans brother. (He wants to go but I told him that was only happening if he brought a friend along. At least then someone could assume that I could handle two twenty-something’s. And that’s better? Maybe? Who knows.)

The best book club. Evaaaah.

12 Nov

I’m kinda afraid to say anything, because I don’t want to jinx it, but we may have found a place to live! Finally!! It’s an ideal location, first floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, lots of closet space and storage, laundry on site, and I’ll even have access to the attic space that has a view of downtown, the PERFECT space to paint!! If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be moved into the new place by this time next month!!

Even better is the price, we’ll be saving over $200 a month!! We also found out that BFP’s university has an incentive program to encourage faculty to move to the area, in 2 years we would have a down payment for a super nice condo within walking distance of the university for a lot less money than we were expecting to spend. This has been a REALLY GOOD DAY!!

Another great thing is that we’re going to have the keys early so that we can paint the apartment any way we want! Hey “book club”, feel like a painting party? Lol I’ll supply the wine and there’s a fabulous BBQ place right around the corner with the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had!

The absolute BEST thing is that now that we’ve found a place, I get my weekends back. No more exhausting trips to the south side every Saturday and Sunday to look at places with teeny tiny bedrooms and no closet space!! I’m done! That is so awesome, you have no idea. If I sat down and actually counted up how many places we’ve looked at all together, I would probably cry.

Speaking of crying, BFP was relieved to hear that he is off Harry Potter duty, since the lovely Jamie is also a Potter nerd and so we can happily sob our way through the movie next weekend in peace. (MUST REMEMBER TISSUES!! MENTAL NOTE!!) I am pee my pants excited about the whole thing!

Last thing I wanted to share is that I finally made a connection with some ladies that I only really knew through the internet. We have our own twice monthly “book club” where we don’t talk about books much and eat yummy food. Lol. So, it’s the best book club. Ever.


Thanks for listening,



2 Nov

Because it’s November 1st and the start of NaBloPoMo and last year I think I lasted all of two days before I forgot completely about the whole thing, I thought I would try again this year. Watch. I’ll screw it up again, I know it! That being said, I love that I can pre-write some posts for Thanksgiving weekend when we will be 5 hours away from my computer(and no wifi connection at my parents’ for the laptop, boo.) So, yay for commitment! :0)

And boo for jinxing myself! I should have known better than to mention the 1bedroom loft we were trying to get, of course someone beat us to it! I’ve decided not to even LOOK for at least a week, I’m so frustrated!

Nothing else right now so…


Thanks for listening,


Bullets for your reading pleasure

8 Oct
  • I finally called RCN and got everything taken care of….it only took two phone calls, a headache and accidentally locking myself out of the apartment building to do it. 😉
  • I’m trying to talk myself (and BFP) into a happy hour meet-up saturday evening since I suck at making friends (of the non-dog kind anyway) and at this point I’ve lived in Chicago 9 months and we haven’t done any mingling.
  • The company that I work for added a few more dogs to my route and I cannot WAIT to get pictures of the two pugs I see in the morning! They are walking, wiggling, snorting sausages, too freaking cute for words!
  • I have a ton of internet “work” to get done. The blog needs some serious design work and I need to get my etsy shop together with a profile and serious linkage here and at the other wordpress blog I had set aside for my work.
  • I’ve made a wreath for the front door. I loved it, now I hate it. It’s looks awesome, but it’s kinda massive and makes going in and out sorta awkward. BFP is the bee’s knees since I know it has to bug him and he hasn’t said a word. Awww, that’s my man, supporting my craftiness. 😉
  • So, I decided to put it up on etsy for sale, and if no one is interested, I’ll give it away! Ta-da! Problem solved! I’ll just make something else for the front door. Something smaller. 😉
  • Speaking of blogs (ok, that was a while ago, but this is the way I think, so deal) I think I’d like to make the blog all official with it’s own home. I’d like the opportunity to really make it my own design wise and explore other opportunities that having a blog can’t do for me. What do you think? Any advice? Ideas? Hosting service you particularly enjoy? (Or, at least don’t loathe?)

I had a few more but I’m falling asleep over the laptop again and need to head to bed, I have doggies to walk tomorrow and then it’s the weekend! Whooo! (As you can probably tell, I’m excited about that. Heh.)

P.S. I have a ton of stories to tell from my trip home to visit family and then the next weekend when family came to visit me and waaaay back when I dragged BFP to the Renegade Craft Fair and the crazy day at the OK corral. (For reals, it was kinda freaky.) (And I have a seriously overactive imagination, no actual bullets were flying through the air I just….well, you’ll have to hear about it later. Must. Sleep.)

Thanks for listening,


Shit my boyfriend says Volume 2

31 Aug

Him: “I make a much better housewife than you.”

Me: “Sad, but true.”


Him: “I love being unemployed!!”

Me: “You are not unemployed! You have two days off between jobs, that’s just a tiny vacation!”

Him: “Being unemployed is awesome!”

Me: sigh.



The car is still broken. It has to be taken in to a shop to figure out what is wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s the starter. (Keep in mind, I’m not terribly car savvy, but I can Google like you wouldn’t believe and I have a BASIC understanding of how car engines work.)

So, I had a decision to make. I need a job. I like my job. I needed some way to get around. We bought a bike. Biking is very easy here and we were talking about getting a bike for both of us to putter around the neighborhood and wander down to the lake. The bum car sort of made our talking into reality and I decided it was the best solution to our immediate problem and hopefully the car won’t need more than basic repairs. (fingers crossed)

And I’ve been riding the bike around my route and to and from a convenient bus route in order to work. And make money. That pays for the broken car. And I’ve never been so hungry or tired in my life. Nearly every night this week I’ve fallen asleep over my dinner. Yes. I did. You see, the problem is that I’ve never been terribly athletic or even remotely in shape and that has been made very clear to me as I struggle to get around by the power of my legs. It’s pretty pathetic. Muscles burn and pull that I didn’t even know that I had.

You know that feeling you get after exercise of sore muscles and the next morning you wake up feeling like you are going to die? But if you work through it, everything gets better and you stop hurting? Yeah, still waiting for that part. Yep. I’ve been waiting on it all week. Lol.

The good news in this debacle is that I started this blog post several days ago and fell asleep over the laptop but the auto shop called this morning and I was right, it WAS the starter and I’ll be able to cover most of it with my first paycheck. Any time you can pay for a car repair and make rent that month, it is a good thing. The shop was awesome, by the way. If you live in Chicago and need a recommendation for a car guy, I can point you in the right direction!


Aaaand one more for the road, since that’s probably why you came….

Him via text message, referring to the campus where he is working as of Wednesday:

“This campus is friggin’ cool.”

“It’s like Star Trek architecture.”

That’s right, everyone, I’m in love with a geek.


Thanks for listening,


Talking furniture (I’ve become a little obsessed)

31 Jul

Quick update from my last post:

I finally found a label for the furniture on the bottom of one of the chairs. The company that made the set is called the Showers Brothers Furniture Company, located in Bloomington Indiana. It was called the largest furniture company since 60% of the furniture made in the 20’s was made in their factory. The company went under in 1950, so I know now that it is at least that old. It says on the label that they are made of oak and I read in my research that Showers Brothers invented veneer, interesting, no?

One of the many college students living in our building moved out today and left a bunch of stuff by the dumpster. Most of it was press board stuff falling apart but I spotted a wood chair with wicker side panels and when I went to look at the seat, I found these babies.


From what I’ve been able to dig up, they are either Fulton glass or Jeannette glass, though I’m leaning to Jeannette at this point. They are green milk glass, but a little lighter than I’m used to seeing and what I’ve read says that Jeannette tried a lighter, yellow glass that looked green. They are a Hoosier set that would have been kept on a stovetop to use during cooking. That ass was throwing them away! Antique glassware! Moron! I can tell they are definitely old, not reproductions but have no markings, which apparently Jeannette was also known for, they didn’t mark everything. What a neat find, huh? 

(And yes, that is the dining table I said I would finish by tomorrow. Shut it.)

(And when I took the dog out to pee just now, I snagged the chair too. The only thing wrong with it is ripped and stained fabric, I figure it will be good practice for upholstering.)


Thanks for listening,


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