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Google, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

31 Jul

            In a conversation at work yesterday, my friend Chris brought up the subject of Google and what we ever did without it. I started thinking about it last night and I remembered looking up the little girl’s name from Poltergeist while on vacation because we couldn’t remember her name and someone had jokingly said, “Don’t go into the light, Alice! Wait. That’s not right. What’s her name?” (It’s Carrie Ann in case you were wondering. I was.) This is an illustration of what my life was like before Google became my go-to for everything I wonder about:


Me and someone else watching TV….

Me:  I wonder how they do that thing.

Them: What?

Me: I mean, how did they make that thing do that? Don’t you find that thing interesting? Don’t you wonder about the thing?

Them: *Blank stare*

Me: I mean, what if

Them: No. Stop.

Me: *Blinking innocently*

Them: Where did you even come up with that? And why do you care? You are so WEIRD.

Me: *edging away quietly and vowing to never think aloud again*


(I’m not saying this happened.)

(But it totally did.)


Sunday Stars

3 Apr

I have a huge file of web pages bookmarked under “project ideas” but for the last few weeks of stress and nastiness, I’ve barely sat down at my computer at all. I’ve been keeping up with all the blogs I read with my ipod touch (it’s a hand-me-down from BFP’s purchase of his ipad). Now the only way to save projects that I love and want to do is to star the post in my reader so I can find them later. I was skimming through the posts I saved this week and thought it might be a fun way to share with all of you (all three of you. heh.)some good ideas I’ve seen on the interwebs. Note: The links embedded in the name of each site will take you to their home pages. To go to the project itself, just click on the photo. 🙂

First up is a cardigan update from Dear Lizzy. I love updating, altering or recycling clothes you already have in your closet and I can think of some old tired cardigans in my closet that would benefit from a shot of color like this one did.


Up next is another sewing project (apparently I have sewing on the brain this week). I found it through UCreate, but the creative momma who made this little number is Cami from Tidbits.


She made this adorable dress for her daughter entirely from her stash of old t-shirts! Is it wrong that I ‘d love an adult size one for myself? 😉


One last sewing project and then moving on. 🙂 I found this felt pillow on Knock Off Décor, who featured Jen from Life, Crafts and Whatever for her Crate and Barrel inspired pillow.


I could totally see a couple of these babies hanging out on my couch and I could even hand sew it while watching TV. I love TV watching projects! (I have a basket that slides under the couch that holds any projects I’m currently working on so that I look neater than I am)

I love maps and I have a collection of magnets from places I’ve been so these map magnets from Jessica at How About Orange are right up my alley.


Something fun to do with your travel guide/map stash. 😉 Wait. I’m the only one who has that stash?

Last, but not least, is a project I found through Design Sponge, this piece of vintage luggage turned bench.


This one inspired me since BFP has one of those old trunks that every college student has had at one time or another and I’ve been looking for something pretty to do with it since storage is not something you get rid of. After some TLC to alter the hideous color and some short legs, it could serve like this one as a end of the bed bench/doggie step with storage for extra blankets and such.


Thanks for listening and feel free to share your own inspiration!



Note: The links embedded in the name of each site will take you to their home pages. To go to the project itself, just click on the photo. 🙂

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