Cats are evil and so is laundry

27 Apr

Another thing that has suddenly become harder since the whole car + fire = unholy mess thing is that now going to the laundry mat is a big ordeal that I have been too tired to mess with. Which is why I first had to get really creative with my clothing choices and then I was reduced to wearing Xmas themed tinker bell pajama pants. In public. (my pottery teacher saw me and pointed me out to her boyfriend. Yes. Oy.) I went Monday night and washed a ton of clothes but I haven’t gotten to sheets and towels yet so you can maybe imagine my frustration when I got out of the shower Tuesday morning to find that one of the cats had puked all over my side of the bed. And my only other set of sheets was still in the dirty laundry. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it. So. It was either back to the laundry mat or buy new sheets and if you follow me on twitter or Facebook you may already know the answer to that question. Target it is! I thought I would go in a grab a set of their cheap jersey sheets, easy peasy, but I swear to you every non-objectionable color was only in twin or king so I was left with colors I DO NOT want on my bed. I stood there for I don’t know how long trying to decide what to do and finally just grabbed the least objectionable set and left before I had to cry. It was pissing me off to spend money to buy something I don’t like but there you go, it was either ugly sheets or sleep on dry cat puke. *shudder* I came home with my denim blue sheets that aren’t exactly ugly but don’t match anything I own and even BFP who is a freaking color blind man didn’t like them. (Eww was his exact word, actually. Lol)

I should wrap this story up somehow with something clever but I’m exhausted and almost fell asleep on my bus ride home from pottery class so I’ll leave you with this…..wash your sheets because cats are crafty and mean enough to puke on your only clean ones and then flee the scene of the crime leaving you looking ridiculous cursing in your fuzzy blue robe.

Thanks for listening,


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