Vet visits and harsh realities

25 Mar

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that our 19 year old cat, Peanut, wasn’t doing well over the weekend so we made her an appointment with a new vet(our last one being in the old neighborhood) and then didn’t talk about it, with each other. I honestly expected them to tell us that it was time to let her go and though she is failing, medication will slow things down and give her more time. I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand, I’m glad that BFP gets more time with her and she’s not really sick enough to pull him aside and tell him to face reality, that he needs to be realistic about her quality of life. But at the same time, we’ve been watching her waste away to nothing for the past 2 years because of a hyperactive thyroid and now she has stage 2 kidney failure, so there’s no going back now. She’ll never really be healthy again it’s just time we’re playing with here. And in the past week I’ve watched this 4 and a half pound cat go from top cat and aggressor to the weak one that the other two either ignore or harass now. It’s sad, the whole thing is sad.

And I’m tired.

Thanks for listening,


One Response to “Vet visits and harsh realities”

  1. Jamie March 25, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    I must have missed these tweets. I’m so sorry 😦

    I lost my pup of 13 years about three years ago and it was the hardest thing ever for me. Peanut is a little sweetie. The only kitty who would say hi to me 🙂

    I know it’s very tough though. Thinking of you guys. xoxo.

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