Bogart doesn’t like the word NO

16 Mar

A few months after BFP and I moved in together and to Chicago at the same time, I checked out some books from the library on dog training to help with some of Bogart’s more…ahem, charming qualities. Some strategies worked and some didn’t, but I did gain a better understanding of what goes on in his doggie brain.

One of the things that the authors said that made me literally laugh out loud was the assurance that dogs are not vindictive. Ok, sure. No, your dog peeing in your shoes isn’t because he is trying to get back at you but I don’t think any of these people have had a dog that reacts to the word no quite like Bogart does.

No joke. I recently told him no to something he wanted. He huffed and pouted and when that didn’t move me, he left the room and came back less than a minute later with one of my boots. In his mouth. That he dropped in the middle of the floor. Then he sat and looked at me. Yeah. Not vindictive AT ALL.

He makes me crazy.

But he thinks snow is AWESOME


Even if it means trying to move around in snow up to his neck…


Living with a ridiculous dog does have it’s advantages. My feet stay pretty warm and he loves the smell of morning breath so he’s a good morning snuggler. 😉

But if he touches my boots again, he’s a dead man.


Thanks for listening,



P.S. Thanks so much for the words of support while I’m dealing with family stuff. I’m not ready to talk about it yet, but it made me think of stories to tell so I’ll get there and then we can finally get around to talking about all the changes I’ve made to our apartment.

P.S.S Yes, these are photos I took during our blizzard in Chicago from the safety of our apartment since I still had the flu. Taking a dog out to go to the bathroom was REALLY interesting for a few days, let me tell ya.


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