A title would imply that I had some sort of plan here…

16 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last wrote a post. I’m having a little trouble, so to get me back into the swing of things, I’m just going to talk about whatever is on my mind today. Hopefully the next one will be better. Hopefully.

I went to Salvation Army today to find a couple of small plates for the cats. Every once in a while, one will take a heroic dive to the tile floor and shatter, scaring the crap out of everyone. The trick about cat plates is that they need to be small and they’re hard to find without spending a ridiculous amount of money. (For something my cat eats off of and randomly throws from dangerous heights.) I found a couple of china blue and white transfer ware saucers today, done and done. Pretty and cheap. Otherwise, the trip was a total bust. How does anyone find anything in that place?! It was a dirty mess! Are they all like that?

On that note, I need some suggestions for good vintage/thrifting places, especially for home décor/small furniture items. Suggestions? Thoughts? I like old and cheap! Help me out!

I was sick for….most of the past month and a half. That’s what I’ve been up to. Not very exciting, I know.

As most of you know, I walk dogs for a living, which means that I am alone in people’s homes a bunch. I walk a cocker spaniel which until recently was the biggest shithead of a dog on the planet, but gorgeous. He can’t see very well and he’s kind of curmudgeonly. After the Xmas break, he suddenly had a personality 180. He was happy to see me when I came, he calmly and sweetly let me leash him up and got really excited about the treat he got at the end of every visit. This is the same dog that several times snapped at me while trying to put a leash on him and literally turned up his nose at the exact same treats he happily and sweetly takes from my hands. He kisses me hello now! WTH? I was sure they were giving him Prozac, SURE of it! Turns out, he’s on allergy meds! Who knew that would make such a difference?

The reason I brought this dog up today has nothing to do with the dog, but what was going on next door. The people that own the cocker spaniel have a truly GORGEOUS home. They have money AND taste, it’s beautiful. I would KILL for their kitchen, just for the appliances alone. But, their kitchen window looks out on a balcony on the back of the apartment building next door. A good size balcony for Chicago, and it’s covered in dog shit. Covered. It’s disgusting, and that’s their view from the window over the sink. It’s been bugging me for a while now, because I see it every time I fill the dog’s water bowl. And yesterday, I saw their dog. Out there on that trash and shit covered balcony all alone because its owners are too lazy to clean up after it or care for it properly. I decided today that something had to be done and as I was walking out the front door for our walk, I noticed a sign on the side of the apartment building with the realty company that managed it and a phone number. Yes, I did. I called the realty company, explained the situation, told them I thought they should know and the woman on the phone thanked me. Maybe nothing will come of it, but maybe that dog won’t have to spend his time in a small space covered in his own crap, the people in the other apartments won’t have to smell it or worry about rats and I won’t have to look at it when I fill the dog’s water bowl.

I am sick and tired of letting people get away with things because I don’t want to cause trouble or “rock the boat”. Whether it’s bad dog owners or the college kids in the coach house behind our building thinking that inviting strangers onto the property for a fucking concert is appropriate behavior, I’m not just going to do nothing. (311 is a marvelous tool, my friends, and you don’t have to give your name in order to break up a super loud party by calling the police. Awesome.)


Thanks for listening,



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