Shit my boyfriend says Volume 3

3 Jan

Part of the illness around here has been BFP’s toothache which he confessed to me was probably a wisdom tooth. How a man can get to the age of 40 with all his wisdom teeth is a question fraught with nonsense and drama, but what it all comes down to is I’m living with a man in constant pain. Let me repeat that.


Yes. Exactly. You should pity me.

He went to the dentist today but had to make an appointment with an oral surgeon for early tomorrow morning. The dentist gave him some pain meds and antibiotics, but the pain meds aren’t doing much. We had this conversation in the car, I, being the kind and loving girlfriend that I am, picked him up from work so he didn’t have to ride the bus home.

Him: “Ow! It hurts so much!”

Me: “The pain meds aren’t working?”

Him: “ Well, they might have been working earlier.”

Me: “They might have been working earlier?”

Him: “Yeah. They had a birthday party for someone in the office and I was the only man there. I was actually amused at the Sex in the City conversations going on and that’s not normal. I must have been high.”

Me, laughing: “I have no idea what to even say to that!”



Thanks for listening,



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