Sneak peek of our new home!!

2 Dec

(Be warned, this is a long one)

We picked up the keys this week and I took some quick measurements and took a few photos for the “before”. Since getting this apartment into shape is going to be consuming my life for the next few months, I might as well share my projects and ideas with the internet, right? 😉


The landlord and his guys are patching holes and getting the walls nice and smooth for me to paint. Since I wanted to paint with my own colors before we moved in and he saved the time and expense of doing it himself, we got a really good deal on the rent in December.

These 2 photos are of the living/dining room which is narrow and long. The 1st photo is from the front of the apartment, just inside the entry way.


This one is from the opposite end. I WISH I had a wide angle lens! The living/dining room is 10 feet wide and 21 feet long with 3 windows and 2 ceiling fans. (My plan is to switch out one of the ceiling fans for the light in the main bedroom. We like a fan on while we sleep and with central air, the second ceiling fan in there isn’t really necessary.)

The room will be painted a pale neutral gray from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot called Chinchilla.


Depending on the computer, this color can look a little blue, but the paint chip is really neutral, which is what I was looking for.

The part of the long wall that bumps out will get a floating shelf at mantel height, the perfect place for candles and stockings for the holidays. 😉 I’m thinking I’ll use a darker gray to put some vertical stripes here, too.


This next space is right around the corner from the living/dining room in the front of the house, which will be our office/art supply room. A long double desk will go along the wall on the left and though it’s pretty narrow, there’s enough room for storage shelves on the other wall and I’m going to hide the litter box in that little nook behind a curtain. I don’t have a color plan for this room yet, but I’m thinking bright and vibrant for energy. (Don’t want to feel too relaxed in front of the computer. Lol)


This is the main bedroom, which isn’t super large, but shaped in such a way that we’ll be able to get our bed, bedside tables, a dresser and a dog bed in here, which is better than what we have now. The closet in this room is all mine. 😉 We decided when we started apartment hunting that we wanted separate closets in different rooms if at all possible. He gets up way earlier than I do every day and being woken up before it’s light outside makes me, um….cranky. I’ll show you BFP’s closet in a minute.  This is another room I don’t have a color for, I need to find bedding that the two of us can agree one, the color and headboard fabric will come from there.


This is the double closet in the hallway outside of our bedroom, half of it is BFP’s. The other side will be home for our hampers and spill over from my closet. Lol I’ll be taking the gray from the living/dining room all the way down the hallway to the kitchen.


Just past the closet is this strange little nook that we haven’t decided what to do with, there aren’t any outlets so that limits things a bit. A bookcase? A bike rack? Hmmm.


This room was once a tiny half bath and now is a storage room. It’s basically a big broom closet. Or a home for my power tools. Whatever.


The bathroom, which a good size, bigger than what we have now. The vanity is in pretty rough shape which is an excellent excuse to paint it a glossy bright white which will contrast nicely with the new wall color…


It’s called eggplant and has a dab of gray to tie all the colors together. Everything else in the room will be bright white or pale gray (the thought of buying white towels makes me shudder) I love it and it was actually BFP’s idea!


This is the last bedroom, though it’s tiny. It will be our library/guest room. I’ll also keep my yarn and knitting supplies in here. The plan is to buy a daybed since that’s the only kind of bed that will fit in this room, a couple of bookshelves and my vintage chair for reading. No color plan for this room yet, but I’m leaning toward dark and cozy.


Last, but certainly not least is the kitchen in the back of the apartment (we’ve joked about getting walkie talkies the kitchen and living areas are so far away from each other. Ah well, compromises have to be made. The size of this kitchen is what sold me.


Look at all that counter space! LOVE!! There’s even room for a round table, I really like this one.

The colors for this room were inspired by some dishes I fell in love with from Target.


This one, called tidewater reminds me of the gray-green color of Lake Michigan on nice days and it will cover the walls.


This one, called vermilion, a deep rich red will be an accent color used in art and accessories since I want nothing to do with painting a red wall and the green will be nice and bright in this east facing room in the back of the house.

I honestly don’t know how I will fill all those cabinets. I love to cook but have been working out of a kitchen with about a 1/4 of the space. To make it even better, I’ve been promised a portable dishwasher that will live on the back wall between the windows. I CAN’T WAIT!! I can’t think of anything I hate more than washing dishes. Hate.

As you can see from the shear length of this post, I’m pretty excited to get started. 😉 This apartment will be our home for the next 2-4 years while we save up for that very important down payment. The landlord is great and  I’m already planning some projects to practice my DIY skills so stayed tuned!

Thanks for listening,


P.S. I’m kinda sad that the Thanksgiving sales are over because even though she freaked me out at first, the crazy blond woman in the Target commercials made me laugh so hard I was in tears. This one? SO GOOD!! Absolutely brilliant!

The look on her face as she walks away KILLS ME EVERY TIME!!!

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