Thanksgiving plan

23 Nov

BFP and I were supposed to go home for Thanksgiving but with a cranky car, two trips home (our families are 5 hours from here and 2 hours away from each other. oy.) in a matter of weeks PLUS moving into a new apartment across town in between the two holidays, something had to give. Thanksgiving in Chicago it is! Because we are on our own on the cooking, we made a list of our favorite dishes….and decided to make them all. lol

Our Thanksgiving Menu

Herb roasted Turkey breast (Ina Garten’s recipe)

sausage dressing

cheesy potatoes (family recipe)

sweet potato oven fries (our favorite way to eat sweet potatoes)

blueberry/cranberry sauce


dinner rolls

and for dessert:

pecan-cheesecake pie (from this recipe)

apple cobbler


Ambitious, I know, but I love to cook and I’ve never cooked a holiday meal before and I’m well aware that we’ll be eating this all weekend. 😉

We have 4 days to eat, read, be lazy and maybe start some packing, I can’t wait!!


Thanks for listening and enjoy your own holiday, 



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