He has the personality of a much smaller dog, with the strength of a linebacker, is that going to be a problem?

6 Nov

Day 6 and I’m tired

I’m working this weekend, just a couple of cat visits each morning for some extra cashola. It’s easy, and I’ll be happy with the extra money in my paycheck but I’m getting up early…on the weekend. Ick.

The power steering went out on my car. It’s still drivable, but I have to really think about parking because the car is heavy and steering in tight spaces is a serious workout now. I haven’t had a chance to take it to the mechanic yet so he can figure it out, though it’s probably something stupid. Ugh.

We were supposed to see a place in Wicker Park this afternoon that looked really neat from the pictures and was a really good price. It was snatched up before we saw it and the woman we had an appointment with didn’t bother to call us and let us know not to come. Thank god BFP called her to confirm before we left the apartment, I would have been PISSED to get all the way out there only for her to go “OOPS!” Grrr!

I’ve been telling prospective landlords that I’m not sure how much Bogart weighs but that he’s about the size of a Lab. It’s a lie, but he has the personality of one so it’s not TOO much of a stretch. BFP is worse. If he has been talking to a landlord that is unsure of renting to people with a large dog, he sends them a picture. The one I took of him around Easter with bunny ears on his head. And it works!!

This one…


We decided not to even see the South Loop apartment. It is at the top of our budget and we decided we would rather spend less money on rent and more money actually ENJOYING being downtown. There are neighborhoods where we can get everything we want and afford to really hit the town and travel too which is really important to us. I’ve also been promised a dishwasher in the next apartment, one way or another. 🙂

I am beyond tired of talking about our apartment search, as I’m sure you are tired of hearing about it, I hope it will all be over soon. Then I’ll have an entire apartment to design and decorate since we are STICKING for at least two years, hopefully more. Whew! I think it will be fun to share THAT part of the process instead of the drudgery that is this part.

Thanks for listening,


P.S. The photos for the knit hats are coming, I didn’t have time when there was decent light to be had. BFP loves his and I think it turned out really pretty myself, I can’t wait to share. 😉


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