Just another step in the process…

1 Nov

I managed to get 5 apartments lined up to see Saturday and wow, that was too many in one day to see walking and taking public trans. Oy. The good thing is, though the day left us both feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, by this afternoon we had come to a decision about how to move forward.

Wednesday, we went to see a couple of places impulsively, one that I thought was going to be too small, but I wanted to see the building and to see if the guy might have a bigger place or knowledge of one. The place was beautiful, a one bedroom loft, but smaller than we were looking for, or so I thought. Apparently, the loft had been percolating in BFP’s brain and he thought we should go for it. Though smaller than we had been looking for, it’s cheaper than we are paying now and has all the amenities we were hoping for so we think I’d would be a nice place to land. 😉

BFP is going to talk to the agent tomorrow and get the ball rolling, we’re keeping our fingers crossed! 🙂 But. If this place doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world and we’ll keep looking. Though, we’re going to take a a little break of a week or two, I think. lol Oy.

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