I’m just rambling so a title is a little beyond me at the moment

29 Oct

I know, I’m a bad blogger. How long has it been? I’m a little afraid to look. SmileNeedless to say, I’ve been busy. My work load has nearly doubled the last few weeks and we’ve spent weekends exploring neighborhoods and looking at apartments. One day last week I had a mini breakdown, in tears I was so tired. As soon as BFP came home and could keep an eye on Bogart, I went to bed and didn’t wake up until he went to bed. I got up, ate a sandwich, watched a little tv and went back to bed until morning. It was exactly what I needed. As far as the apartment search goes,  I’ve let BFP be in charge but after I fell in love with a place that didn’t work out, (sad face) I decided I had to take over. My goal is to have the new apartment worked out before Thanksgiving, earlier if I can swing it. I’m already sick to death of looking, mostly because of our decision to find a place that we can live in for 2-5 years. That is hard since we want to try to save enough money in the next few years for a down payment on a loft condo, in the south loop, hopefully.

So, yeah, we’ve been looking at places and we’ve worked our way through the price ranges, getting an idea of what is available in the neighborhood. The trick is to balance the need to save money with the need for space and a well maintained building that will allow us to live there longer than is the usual for us nomads. Winking smile

Another thing I’m hoping to work on in the next few weeks is spending more time on my etsy shop, I’ve been making things but there are tons of things “in progress” and the things that are done and ready to go need write ups and photos taken. If I’m hoping to actually make a success out of this thing, I need to make time to do it.

Right now, I’m just happy it’s friday (well, almost) and I have 2, maybe 3 apartments lined up to see on saturday, which leaves sunday as a movie and lunch day, my favorite sort of sunday. Winking smile

Have a good weekend everyone, and I’ll keep you updated on the apartment search as well as my creative efforts. lol

Thanks for listening,



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