Bullets for your reading pleasure

8 Oct
  • I finally called RCN and got everything taken care of….it only took two phone calls, a headache and accidentally locking myself out of the apartment building to do it. 😉
  • I’m trying to talk myself (and BFP) into a happy hour meet-up saturday evening since I suck at making friends (of the non-dog kind anyway) and at this point I’ve lived in Chicago 9 months and we haven’t done any mingling.
  • The company that I work for added a few more dogs to my route and I cannot WAIT to get pictures of the two pugs I see in the morning! They are walking, wiggling, snorting sausages, too freaking cute for words!
  • I have a ton of internet “work” to get done. The blog needs some serious design work and I need to get my etsy shop together with a profile and serious linkage here and at the other wordpress blog I had set aside for my work.
  • I’ve made a wreath for the front door. I loved it, now I hate it. It’s looks awesome, but it’s kinda massive and makes going in and out sorta awkward. BFP is the bee’s knees since I know it has to bug him and he hasn’t said a word. Awww, that’s my man, supporting my craftiness. 😉
  • So, I decided to put it up on etsy for sale, and if no one is interested, I’ll give it away! Ta-da! Problem solved! I’ll just make something else for the front door. Something smaller. 😉
  • Speaking of blogs (ok, that was a while ago, but this is the way I think, so deal) I think I’d like to make the blog all official with it’s own home. I’d like the opportunity to really make it my own design wise and explore other opportunities that having a wordpress.com blog can’t do for me. What do you think? Any advice? Ideas? Hosting service you particularly enjoy? (Or, at least don’t loathe?)

I had a few more but I’m falling asleep over the laptop again and need to head to bed, I have doggies to walk tomorrow and then it’s the weekend! Whooo! (As you can probably tell, I’m excited about that. Heh.)

P.S. I have a ton of stories to tell from my trip home to visit family and then the next weekend when family came to visit me and waaaay back when I dragged BFP to the Renegade Craft Fair and the crazy day at the OK corral. (For reals, it was kinda freaky.) (And I have a seriously overactive imagination, no actual bullets were flying through the air I just….well, you’ll have to hear about it later. Must. Sleep.)

Thanks for listening,



2 Responses to “Bullets for your reading pleasure”

  1. The Maiden Metallurgist October 8, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    I thiink you should go to the meet up tomorrow night- I’m exhausted and I’m going to try to go too.

  2. Kirsty October 26, 2010 at 1:18 am #

    I am loving the background of your blog! So awesome! haha

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