Customer Service, Fusstomer, Schmervice

1 Oct

I keep forgetting to call RCN. Ok, I don’t forget, I just hate dealing with customer service over the phone. But I need a TIVO because I am sick and tired of watching my Thursday night shows online. Why we don’t have a TIVO in the first place….that mostly is BFP’s fault and I’m not just saying that because he doesn’t read this blog and can’t defend himself.

No, really.

I don’t get to watch my shows on Thursday because I am pretty much in charge of the television every other day and this is the only day that BFP insists on watching truly horrible television. No, really, he loves terrible television like People’s Court and World’s Dumbest, which is like that old show on VH1 I Love The 80’s except it’s criminals being caught on video being stupid, not music videos and the “celebrities” are even more forgettable. (Think Tanya Harding. Yes. Really.)

And I just can’t have the source of a big fight be Grey’s Anatomy and World’s Dumbest, I just can’t. So, I give in and mentally remind myself to call RCN so I can watch Grey’s as soon as he goes to bed, and not on the laptop. But I don’t. Because I am lazy. And every time we deal with their customer service, something crazy happens.

Like the first time we set an appointment for a tech to install a TIVO. The guy showed up and put his hand out for $50 for an adapter. BFP told him to get out. Aaaand then our cable went away. The guy told the service center that we wanted to cancel our service, so they did. Yep. That actually happened.  Customer service told us that the problem was a “typo” and offered us 3 free months of HBO. So fine, awesome, whatever, I still need a TIVO. Oh, and I need to tell them that the free HBO is great and all, but why am I still paying for Showtime when I cancelled it, hmmm?

And what was that $50 adapter for, you might be wondering? We needed the $50 adapter to make the TIVO wireless. Or we could just set up the modem next to the tv, and connect it directly to the TIVO, which I did. A $3 coaxial cable later and the problem was solved. Funny how the tech didn’t actually mention what the adapter was for, exactly. So, you can see why dealing with RCN right now is not high on my priority list. But, there is Grey’s. And Glee and No Ordinary Family are on at the same time, which is problematic. (Have you seen that? I love Michael Chiklis and it’s just sci-fi enough to be interesting.) And Glee makes me giggle out loud like a total dork. (That Britney KILLS!!)


Yeah, I’ll be calling tomorrow.

Monday at the latest, I swear.


Thanks for listening,



2 Responses to “Customer Service, Fusstomer, Schmervice”

  1. Nathan October 1, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    Um… You mean DVR, TiVo is a specific brand. Duh… 🙂

    • accidentalcitygirl October 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

      actually, the company is working with TIVO now, we can only get a TIVO, they don’t offer just plain DVR’s anymore 🙂

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