Some of the many dogs in my life

14 Sep

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be one of those people that talks about dogs all the time. They are about 85% of my life right now, I just can’t help it.

After the first week of training where I followed a seasoned walker around and let the dogs on my route get used to me, one of the managers interviewed me for a blurb they put on the website introducing the owners and potential clients to the dog walkers. I find the whole thing super embarrassing. You wouldn’t know it to read this, but I don’t really like to talk about myself. I don’t like promoting myself or talking about my goals. Goals. *shudder* I’m at this place in my life where I don’t really know where I’m going, or even where I WANT to go. I’m just moving forward, and for now, that’s enough. For now, I walk dogs. It hardly even seems like work when I get to see these faces every day.


This is Cashew, a cocker spaniel. He was born a grumpy old man and walks at his own pace, which is slow. 😉 It’s all I can do to get him around the block in the 20 minutes I’m scheduled with him. He’s beautiful, stubborn as hell, and really sweet when he wants to be. He’s only about a year old, but acts like an old man already.


He has crazy long eyelashes, though you rarely see them since he spends most of his time with his nose to the ground.



This is Tater, full name Mr.. Tater Tot, a wheaten terrier. Tater is scarred emotionally from an attack from two dogs that nearly killed him. He’s pretty much scared of everything and it took me several weeks to gain his trust. I’m working on showing him how enjoyable walks can be when he isn’t yanking me down the sidewalk. 😉


He’s a gorgeous fluffball, with a stubborn personality, but once you earn his trust, he’s a sweetheart and a lover who gives out sloppy kisses.



And then I come home to this goofball, who slobbers on my shoes and wants to cuddle in my lap. He’s recently become obsessed with water in the way that bulldogs sometimes do and we’ve had to restrict his intake to keep the idiot from continuously having a full bladder. On top of that nonsense, he also thinks he’s a hunter now and would like nothing better than to catch a neighborhood rabbit, or rat even. (eeewww!) He makes me crazy, but I love the big dummy.


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