Side table looking for a good home!(updated)

8 Sep


I have the etsy shop all set up now, you can find it here:

The craigslist ad is here:


Remember all those times I hinted about a project in the works and how painting furniture is what I want to do? Well, I’ve been slowly collecting a variety of small furniture through various sources, most notably and I’m making plans for all of their new lives as pretty things again.

I started with this one…..


(please ignore the dust/cat hair bunnies on the floor)

I found this lovely lady in Hyde Park, she was a freecycle find, prompted by a woman moving out of the apartment she had lived in for 8 years. She had to purge, and I got 3 free side tables out of the deal. 😉 Win-Win!

Her top had come unglued so I put all her pieces back together and glued every piece in tight, then  I had to brace one side that was sagging and needed to be given a boost.

I had a half quart of paint left over from my last apartment called “Scrumptious” (it was the color of my dining room) so after a quick prime, that became her base coat.


I found an image online of a zinnia stencil, printed it out and very carefully cut it out of a stencil blank in front of the tv. Then, I mixed up a couple of colors with a little more orange in them, one lighter, one darker and stenciled the pattern all over her. (I love zinnias!)


The edges got a light distress, which gives it that shabby chic look and highlights the fact that this lady has been well loved for many years. 😉


A little poly to give it a lasting finish and she’s ready for her new home!

Nothing makes me happier than to find an old piece of furniture, beat up form a long life with someone else and with a little TLC on my part give it a whole new life with someone else.

This is my start and if you like her or you know someone who would, she is for sale for $60 right now on craigslist. She is available for pick-up or I would be willing to deliver in the city for $10.

I’m putting together an etsy shop so that I can add things as I finish them, but they will always show up here first. 😉


Thanks for listening,


p.s. I would appreciate any feedback you have for me, constructive or positive!


2 Responses to “Side table looking for a good home!(updated)”

  1. Nicole Marie September 9, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    It’s beautiful! When I have more space, I’ll definitely be bugging you for some furniture. 😉

  2. Melanie September 10, 2010 at 2:45 am #

    I really like the table! You have inspired me to try and stencil a piece of furniture! Good job!

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