Shit my boyfriend says Volume 2

31 Aug

Him: “I make a much better housewife than you.”

Me: “Sad, but true.”


Him: “I love being unemployed!!”

Me: “You are not unemployed! You have two days off between jobs, that’s just a tiny vacation!”

Him: “Being unemployed is awesome!”

Me: sigh.



The car is still broken. It has to be taken in to a shop to figure out what is wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s the starter. (Keep in mind, I’m not terribly car savvy, but I can Google like you wouldn’t believe and I have a BASIC understanding of how car engines work.)

So, I had a decision to make. I need a job. I like my job. I needed some way to get around. We bought a bike. Biking is very easy here and we were talking about getting a bike for both of us to putter around the neighborhood and wander down to the lake. The bum car sort of made our talking into reality and I decided it was the best solution to our immediate problem and hopefully the car won’t need more than basic repairs. (fingers crossed)

And I’ve been riding the bike around my route and to and from a convenient bus route in order to work. And make money. That pays for the broken car. And I’ve never been so hungry or tired in my life. Nearly every night this week I’ve fallen asleep over my dinner. Yes. I did. You see, the problem is that I’ve never been terribly athletic or even remotely in shape and that has been made very clear to me as I struggle to get around by the power of my legs. It’s pretty pathetic. Muscles burn and pull that I didn’t even know that I had.

You know that feeling you get after exercise of sore muscles and the next morning you wake up feeling like you are going to die? But if you work through it, everything gets better and you stop hurting? Yeah, still waiting for that part. Yep. I’ve been waiting on it all week. Lol.

The good news in this debacle is that I started this blog post several days ago and fell asleep over the laptop but the auto shop called this morning and I was right, it WAS the starter and I’ll be able to cover most of it with my first paycheck. Any time you can pay for a car repair and make rent that month, it is a good thing. The shop was awesome, by the way. If you live in Chicago and need a recommendation for a car guy, I can point you in the right direction!


Aaaand one more for the road, since that’s probably why you came….

Him via text message, referring to the campus where he is working as of Wednesday:

“This campus is friggin’ cool.”

“It’s like Star Trek architecture.”

That’s right, everyone, I’m in love with a geek.


Thanks for listening,



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