What dead batteries and bee stings have in common

27 Aug

Last week, on my first day of “work” (I walk dogs for a living, so not work.) my car gave me a little trouble starting. It made the wrr wrr dead battery sound a couple of times, then decided to cooperate and start for me. There have a couple of times of hesitation since, but for the most part it seemed to be ok. At least ok enough to wait until I get paid so that I can replace the battery or at least make sure that was the problem. I should have known.

If you are ever waiting for a paycheck to get something fixed, it is guaranteed to stop working completely at the most inconvenient time. Of course. I made it just fine to the first house and took a walk with Titan, the sweetest little long-haired Chihuahua ever. I walked back to my car and went to start it….wrrh wrrh then nothing. Dead. There were only three things that didn’t make this day a complete greek tragedy (drama queen much?) which were:

  1. I was working in a neighborhood that wasn’t zoned parking so I won’t come back and find my car papered with tickets
  2. I had a short day with only two more dogs to walk and they were both only a couple of blocks away.
  3. I actually had cash with me to pay for public trans to get home
  4. There was an el station within walking distance…it was about a mile away, but that’s still walking distance.


So. I was able to finish with my dogs for the day so I can get paid and I made it home eventually.

But. To top of the completely shitty day I was having, I was fishing money out of my bag to put credit on my CTA card when I felt a tickle of a bug crawling on me. I reached up to brush it off and got stung by a bee. Yes. A bee. And let me tell you, that is a lot more painful than I remember it from childhood!! I pulled out what I thought was the stinger and since I didn’t have a mirror, I asked one of the ladies working the CTA booth if they could see anything. She assured me that the only thing left was a red angry bump and I went on my way. BFP and I made a plan for getting a new battery but it’s been one of those days where you really just want to cry into a big cold glass of something alcoholic. Arrg.

Hope your day was better and thanks for listening,



One Response to “What dead batteries and bee stings have in common”

  1. Jamie August 28, 2010 at 3:28 am #

    I’ve never been stung by a bee before. I’m the girl running away screaming from them usually!

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a job as a dog walker. Is your company hiring? Let me know 🙂

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