Apartment crazy (Is that better or worse than boy crazy?)

23 Aug

Somehow, last night, we got it in our heads that we should look at apartments to “get an idea of what is available in our target neighborhood”, and by “we” I mean “I” decided and talked BFP into it. Considering he has spent the last 2 days complaining about how much our neighborhood sucks, it wasn’t that hard, but still, what was I smoking?

BFP called a couple of craigslist ads this morning and we we set up an appointment to see a place for really more money than we were wanting to spend, but it had a really interesting set-up. But.

Y’all, we have 4 months on our lease, we have no business falling in love with a new apartment that is available NOW. But we did. 3 bedrooms, 3 levels, washer and dryer in unit, open kitchen, parking spot in a garage(free), two small balconies and our own patch of back yard. CENTRAL. AIR. And about a $100 more a month than we should really spend. Oh, and our current lease. sigh.

We decided to talk to our landlord about subletting our place and about the leaking kitchen ceiling and the dead ceiling fan in the dining room(pretty sure those are related) and see what happens. If we are stuck here until the end of December, it’s not the end of the world, but if we can get out of this neighborhood, out of this building, whether the landlord lets us out or lets us sublet, we’re gonna take that opportunity. WE WANT OUT OF HERE. And if today taught me anything, I’m more determined than ever to move to Pilsen. I just can’t describe the vibe there or why I love it so much, but I did take a few photos today to show you some of what I see. 😉


This blue door says a lot, really. It’s old, artistic, colorful and just shabby enough to be interesting.

detail of blue door

The glass work is AMAZING, makes me want to start working with stained glass again. (Too many hobbies, not nearly enough time in the day or space to store the supplies.)


The gelato I gobbled down in an Italian restaurant housed in an old theater. Absolutely GORGEOUS inside, I really wanted to take pictures of the inside, but I got enough looks when I took this one. 😉

pink bakery

A lot of the buildings are painted bright colors, this pink one houses a little bakery down the stairs. There are bakeries and ice cream shops and little mom and pop operations everywhere, an endless number of yummy places to eat.

We had lunch at Honky Tonk BBQ at 18th and Racine, a place I’ve been wanting try since I saw it featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” (LOVE that show!). SO GOOD! I can’t believe we didn’t go sooner, everything was absolutely delicious. I had St. Louis style ribs and mac and cheese, BFP had a brisket sandwich with black eyed peas and the cole slaw that came with my ribs. While we were eating, a man serenaded us with a little blues and old school country, it was like taking a quick trip to Memphis without leaving the city. We both HIGHLY recommend that you try it. 😉


Thanks for listening,



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