Up to? Up to?

19 Aug
  • I have a tutorial post coming up to explain how I added color to my bookshelves with fabric. Here’s a preview. 😉

step fourteen

  • My fall issue of Venus Zine showed up in the mail over the weekend and on freaking page TWO is my face. So weird.

Venus Zine shoptopia.com ad!

  • My Fall knitpicks catalog came this week and now I can’t wait to get my hands on some yarn( the yarn balls in baskets in the above photo are most of my yarn stash. mmm, yarny goodness!!) I am seeing some hats in my future.
  • I decided I needed a new printer, mostly because I hate my current one. I”m willing to pay more than I did the last time ($70?) if the ink refills costs less than what I pay now. (more than $40) Bonus if they can be refilled! (Doesn’t Walgreens do that?) Any suggestions? It needs to be all in one, I use the scanner pretty frequently, wireless, be able to print on thicker paper, and print decent photos. (Not lab quality or anything.) Crap. I may be asking too much.
  • The other good news of the day is that I found out yesterday afternoon that the part time job I was trying to get was coming my way! I am now an official Chicago dog walker! This town is BIG on dog walking and there are a TON of places here. Good news is, now that I’m in, I could literally work anywhere in the city and always be able to find a job if I need it. Better news, it pays much better than retail, which was what I was about to go for in desperation. Yay! And, it’s only part time, 11-3, so I have plenty of time for fun stuff like art and shopping which I’ll actually have money for! New rug and camera lens, here I come!
  • Also, I’ll be able to finish some projects that I have cluttering up the apartment and get them ready to make their debut. 🙂

Until then….

Thanks for listening,



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