The crazies. They love me.

14 Aug

I’m having the worst week of PMS ever. And the heat is not helping. Ick.

The last two days I have spent  listening to jets flying overhead as they practiced for the air and water show this weekend. (At least, that is what I was told on Twitter and Facebook.) I would hardly have noticed with the passing trains but the sound isn’t something that Bogart is used to and he spent the last two days running to the closest window when one would go by, looking for the source of the sound and then crying when he couldn’t see or identify what was making the SCARY NEW SOUND. Over and over and over and OVER again he did this until I was going to surely lose my mind. It’s been fun, really.

I met BFP downtown for dinner tonight and as we were walking down the sidewalk a man yelled at us about the “damn kids” as we passed each other and continued to yell about “kids” as he kept walking. BFP got really tense and kept turning back like he wanted to yell at the man or something. I made some comment about the guy being confused, after all we are hardly kids. Um, so apparently I misheard him because BFP was really upset and actually thought about decking the guy until he realized the man was obviously off mentally. He hadn’t said anything about “kids”, he was loudly commenting on how much he liked my “tits”. Yeah. Interesting.

And then. We had the wedding discussion. There were a group of girls trying to flag down a cab, and one of them was sporting a veil with her club dress.

BFP: Does that mean it’s a bachelorette party?

Me: Yeah, looks like it.

BFP: That’s weird.

Me: Yep. Goes with all that big wedding stuff that I want NOTHING to do with, god save me from the crazy. (I haz strong opinions about weddings.)

BFP: I thought all girls dream of the big wedding.

Me: Not THIS girl. Pretty dress and a justice of the peace is fine with me.

BFP: How about Vegas?

Me: Hell, I’ll happily get married by Elvis, but the pretty dress is non-negotiable.

BPF: Gotcha.

This discussion is always amusing when you get to that really committed, sort of permanent part of the relationship when you start feeling the other out on their expectations of “the future”. Basically, I’m saying, “Don’t worry, we don’t need to save for a year to pay for the wedding, hell, we can go next week if you really want to, I just need enough time to buy a dress. Just FYI.”

I’m cheap. And easy.

Wait. What?

So that’s been the last couple of days. I’m crazy hormonal and uncomfortably hot. The dog is driving me batty, and a crazy man on the street made lewd  comments about my boobs, very loudly. And, honestly, I think his were bigger. Oh, and I heard “damn kids” like he was a villain on Scooby-doo.

My life is strange.


Thanks for listening,



One Response to “The crazies. They love me.”

  1. LiLu August 14, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    “…a crazy man on the street made lewd comments about my boobs, very loudly. And, honestly, I think his were bigger.”

    Hahahahaha I love you. Can’t wait for our Oct. meet up. And I am TOTALLY with you on the wedding shiz!!! (Though I also require a huge party with open bar.)

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