Getting there

10 Aug

BFP and I were talking at lunch yesterday, marveling at the changes our lives have had in the past year. A year ago today, we were dating, but not really serious yet. We had only known each other a couple of months and neither of us could have imagined moving to Chicago to live together, but that’s what we decided to do in October of last year. (He started his job search then, and asked me if I would go with him to Chicago if he found a job there. Obviously, I said yes.) I can’t say it’s been domestic bliss ever since, (He hated his job from day one, but didn’t tell me, that often made things…tense.) but we were working through what we wanted our future to be together and getting to a place where we could LIVE together without wanting to kill each other. (too often. heh.)

A big change that just became a reality is a new job for BFP so that he was able to quit the position that was making us both miserable today. He is super excited to start at a smaller university where he can make a difference again and that the university not only has a PHD program that will allow him to grow in his field but that he will be able to take 9 hours a semester for free! In a few years, he’ll be able to call himself a doctor at every opportunity and he’s enough of a geek to do so as much as possible. 😉

So, here we are. He is about to start an amazing opportunity. We have a plan for our future and the perfect neighborhood to start it. And I have a couple of exciting things in the works myself. 😉 Life is good.


Thanks for listening,



p.s. I haven’t been able to go to the last two BlogHer conferences and this year when the talk on the blogosphere became really heated the last few weeks, I decided that I just HAD to go to the next one. BFP wants to check out a university in the area, so he’s going too! San Diego is one of the possible future homes on our list, so it’s a perfect opportunity to scope things out. Whoo! We are planning to stay a few extra days, too, and make it a real vacation.


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