Monogram wreath

7 Aug


At some point I got it in my head that we needed a wreath for out front door that had our initials on it, so one day when I was at the dollar store, I grabbed one of the little floral foam wreaths they carry and got to it. I wrapped the ring with scrap fabric from a dress I made then wrapped around that with yellow cotton yarn. The letters I made by putting the letters of our first names in Elements and moving them around until I liked how they looked. I used different fonts for each letter, I wanted his to have a masculine feel while mine looked as girly as possible. I printed each out separately and cut the shape out of scrapbook paper glued to cardstock to make it stiff. It needed a little more color so I added the square of red harlequin scrapbook paper attached to the ring with pushpins. The whole thing cost me a dollar, since I had everything else in my stash. Now our door has a little personality and is very much ours. 😉


Thanks for listening,



One Response to “Monogram wreath”

  1. mommymae August 7, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    that’s cute! nice work.

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