Weekend recap: Shopping, painting and more shopping

5 Aug

Note: I actually started writing this post on Monday but have been so busy that I just now got around the finishing it. The good news is that the table is finished, stay tuned for photos of the before and after!

BFP went to Maryland for work and as all these work trips go, it was a total disaster. The hotel didn’t provide internet, the conference was boring, and his phone refused to hold a charge so it was rare if we were even able to exchange a text of two, let alone get a phone call in.

On the home front, Bogart whined and became generally pissy every night at 5:30, the time that BFP usually walks in the door. A little while later, he would give up and crawl into my lap for comfort, which is really sweet, but have you ever tried to hold a 100 pound dog with sharp elbows in your lap before? Not exactly comfy. Funny, but not comfy.

Thursday, I picked up a couple of side tables via freecycle and at least one of them is part of a very special project coming soon, I will tell you all about it later. When I got back with my freecycle finds, I walked to the Aveda school on Clark to get my haircut. And what a cut it was!! I posted the pics on flickr and almost right away some stranger told me it was a mistake and they liked the before better. Um, thanks? Weirdos. sigh. I thought it turned out great, though I think next time I will go a little bit shorter. Between the dry winters here and the hot summer that I spent almost every day in a ponytail, my hair was pretty fried. I was continuously frustrated by the frizziness and my general laziness when it comes to my hair. This style takes all of 3 minutes to prep and style and will lay well under hats this winter too. Plus! I’m seeing my natural hair color for the first time in at least 10 years!

The poor hairstylist student about had a coronary when I told her I wanted her to hack all my hair off, but I think they did a great job, it was a good learning experience for her, and it cost me $20 with tip. Can’t beat that!

On Friday, I went shopping with Nicole with my Shoptopia winnings at Promenade Bolingbrook. Strangest mall I’ve ever been to, hands down. It was set up like a regular mall, but outdoors and the sidewalks had piped in music and fountains. It just felt odd, I don’t know how to explain it. I thought the 3 hours we had given ourselves would be plenty of time, but we were having so much fun shopping and chatting, I wish we could have stayed longer. We’re going to make plans to visit some local museums soon. 😉

I spent Saturday painting and cleaning up the clutter that had accumulated about the apartment while BFP was away and painting the table, finally! I know, that whole have it done when he got home thing didn’t work out. Oh well.

He didn’t get home until late on Saturday, so we had to spend Sunday on errand running like grocery shopping. Our local target built a full grocery section, so we now go there for groceries, (Goodbye Dominick’s and Jewel!!) and to Stanley’s for fruits and veggies. We didn’t have much on a list this week, so we managed to leave Target spending less than $100! We also bought some playing cards and a set for Uno and have been playing games in the evening together, rather than sitting in the living room together but separate. It has been so much fun! Best idea ever, and it was HIS. I know. Best boyfriend ever. We are going to devote a notebook that I bought at the walmart back to school sale as a lifetime rummy game scorecard. 😉

I have a bunch of projects that have been photographed but that I haven’t written up yet, so look for those soon as well as the finished product of the dining room table which I am in LOVE with!


Thanks for listening,



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