Talking furniture (I’ve become a little obsessed)

31 Jul

Quick update from my last post:

I finally found a label for the furniture on the bottom of one of the chairs. The company that made the set is called the Showers Brothers Furniture Company, located in Bloomington Indiana. It was called the largest furniture company since 60% of the furniture made in the 20’s was made in their factory. The company went under in 1950, so I know now that it is at least that old. It says on the label that they are made of oak and I read in my research that Showers Brothers invented veneer, interesting, no?

One of the many college students living in our building moved out today and left a bunch of stuff by the dumpster. Most of it was press board stuff falling apart but I spotted a wood chair with wicker side panels and when I went to look at the seat, I found these babies.


From what I’ve been able to dig up, they are either Fulton glass or Jeannette glass, though I’m leaning to Jeannette at this point. They are green milk glass, but a little lighter than I’m used to seeing and what I’ve read says that Jeannette tried a lighter, yellow glass that looked green. They are a Hoosier set that would have been kept on a stovetop to use during cooking. That ass was throwing them away! Antique glassware! Moron! I can tell they are definitely old, not reproductions but have no markings, which apparently Jeannette was also known for, they didn’t mark everything. What a neat find, huh? 

(And yes, that is the dining table I said I would finish by tomorrow. Shut it.)

(And when I took the dog out to pee just now, I snagged the chair too. The only thing wrong with it is ripped and stained fabric, I figure it will be good practice for upholstering.)


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One Response to “Talking furniture (I’ve become a little obsessed)”

  1. Jamie Ann August 3, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    Those are so cute!

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