The dining room table: Before

29 Jul

I “inherited” a dining room table and chairs from my parents when they bought a new set. All of my childhood holiday dinners were spent around that table, I’ve always loved it and jumped at the chance to take it before my sister could, though at the time I didn’t have the room and it was shoved against whatever wall it would fit on and usually covered in “projects”. My last two apartments have had a separate dining room, including this one and I finally have the time and the skills to fix it up.

I don’t know how long the plywood seats have been in the chairs, but long enough for the original upholstery batting to have practically disintegrated and I know that my mom recovered them with new fabric when they bought the set in 1978. I’ve never been able to find any clues about how old it is, or where it was made, the only markings are 2122 on the center brace in what looks like chalk. The veneer covering the middle section of the table top has been water damaged for as long as I can remember and I’m not the cover it with a tablecloth type and since I couldn’t sand out the damage, I decided to chip out the veneer there and fill it. I am going to paint a beautiful sold wood table that has seen better days. I decided to paint the whole table antique white and the chairs blue, which horrifies my wood loving family. (Bwahahaha!) I’m confident that I have the skills now to make it beautiful again and this week while BFP is away is a perfect opportunity since he is a bit of a neat freak and works-in-progress make him a little stabby. Here are a few before and in progress pics to give you an idea of what it looks like now and I should be able to get all the painting done before BFP gets home on saturday. Finishing the seats will have to wait until I can sweet talk someone at Home Depot into cutting new wood into the matching shape. (the front is wider than the back)


the table from the floor view


 One of the chairs before I did anything to it


another with the seat removed and primed for paint

I’ve already sanded down the top and chipped out the damaged veneer and filled it wood filler and sanded it again. (I thought I took photos of this step…apparently not. I’m hoping I’ll have pretty, pretty pictures to show you when it gets to done. 😉


Thanks for listening and baring with me ;),



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