The sky is falling(in my apartment)

26 Jul

Friday night the skies opened up and it rained for hours, causing what was a small problem into a huge mess.

When it rains and I leave the windows open, which is every time since we don’t have central air, I had noticed a little more water around the kitchen window, one time finding the dish I use for keys and laundry quarters full of water. I just assumed that the wind was stronger on that side of the building or something. Not exactly. You see, my craptastic apartment is leaking, as in the roof and the window frame is leaking. As in, it rains inside of our apartment. Awesome. What started out as a little dripping around the frame is now a deluge and I’ll be honest, my first thought on seeing this friday night at 2am (after ahhh! water everywhere!) was “How can I use this to get out of our lease?”

I looked it up and we can’t technically break our lease over it unless they fail to fix the leak within 14 days of us telling them. Then, we have to give them another 14 days in writing before the lease is officially broken. Though, from the looks of things, it would be easier for them to fix the roof and rip out and replace the window frame if we and our idiot dog weren’t occupying the apartment. But, then, what do I know? Just enough to know fixing it will be a pain in the ass and I’m sure they will do it in the cheapest way possible, which won’t solve the problem. sigh. Five more months in this place.

On a happier note, BFP and I took the train to Pilsen today to look around and see if we might like it for our new neighborhood. I LOVED it! Pilsen is a hispanic neighborhood sort of south west of downtown with a family-oriented, artsy sort of feel. It was exactly the kind of neighborhood we were looking for. Y’all, I had a cheeseburger and fries for lunch for 3.75. In Chicago. We walked by a park where they were starting a little league game and when we stopped in a shop for a soda, people were friendly! They said hello! And smiled! And! We can get a bigger, better apartment for about the same money we are spending here. For a little more a month, we can get someplace truly fabulous. We are looking for somewhere to settle for a few years, and maybe start a family. Maybe. Possibly. Oy.

We’ll see what happens. Five more months.

Oh!! Also, BFP now has 2 universities with probable job offers! Now we just wait to see how it plays out.


Thanks for listening,



p.s. Any advice you might have for getting out of a lease would be greatly appreciated. 😉


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