Must. Go. Shopping.

23 Jul

OMG, don’t you love the kittens! Dying!

As well as winning a full page ad in Venus Zine (I’ve seen a mock-up you guys, it looks so awesome in that freaking out about how many people will be looking at my face sort of way.) I also won a $300 gift card from Bolingbrook Promenade and Alex (my Shoptopia contact, and absolutely adorable) sent me an email the other day to tell me the mall was getting a little anxious. (I’m not sure what that is about, but maybe they were counting on some promotion, too?) Anyway, BFP is going to Maryland for work next week and I’ve decided it’s now or never. So. @jamielovely and @nicolemariesays hit me up for any days or evenings next week that you are free for some serious shopping! I’ll drive! (To Bolingbrook from the city. Oy.)


Thanks for listening,



p.s the restaurant/movie review is still on the way, almost finished


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