There’s no place like home, Toto

11 Jul

We went on a reconnaissance mission today to the site of Boyfriendpants’ new job (almost). He has an interview this week, but his potential boss emailed him to ask a question about a system that the university has recently adopted and which BFP is practically an expert. (HELLO!!) We decided to check out the neighborhood today to:

1. get a feel for where he needs to go this week and

2. if we might want to live in the area, since we didn’t know much about it…..


1. Cool. Got that covered now.

2. No freaking way. Not exactly dangerous, just depressing. (In a different way than Lincoln Park. Heh.)

I recently came to the decision too that I want a more modern space than I’m used to, I’ve lived in spaces with “character” since forever. (My parents’ home is a hundred year old place.) I love hardwood floors and the feel of old homes. What I’m tired of is watching those spaces crumble around me. I haven’t had the best luck with landlords and I’m tired of windows that don’t close properly, ceilings that leak and crumbling plaster. Older homes do this, the problem is, there’s nothing I can do about it.


That is the corner of the dining room and that is the plaster falling out of the ceiling onto the floor. That is ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous. Bogart’s crate was in that corner and after vacuuming up that mess several times, I started to worry that Bogart would eat it and end up with lead poisoning or something. I just want to live in a space that has been nicely updated and maintained. I don’t care about granite, I don’t give a shit about matching stainless. I do want a freaking dishwasher. So here is the wish list I am working on and I’m open to suggestions:

  • dishwasher
  • laundry in unit (or at least in the building, meaning I don’t have to go down 3 flights of stairs OUTSIDE, and then across a courtyard to get to the laundry
  • either a 1st floor or higher than 3rd with an elevator (taking the dog down and then back up 3 flights of stairs just so he can pee before bed sucks ass)
  • open floor plan (the kitchen is closed off in the back of the apartment and not big enough for BFP to hang out with me while I cook, hate that)
  • industrial or modern feel (I’m imagining a sleek stark background full of my eclectic mix of modern, traditional, and cottage style furniture. I have a VISION!! LOL)
  • close proximity to grocery and shopping (close to a Target would earn double points!)
  • easy access to the el
  • neighborhood with flavor (ie. not so vanilla, please)
  • place to store bikes/moped in winter
  • plenty of closets ( I would KILL for a closet big enough to hold my clothes, BFP’s clothes and all our shoes. I’m flexible in that it only needs to hold that season’s clothes, but I have my clothes in two closets and shoes stuffed every which where.)
  • at least 1000 sq. feet (two adults+ 3 cats that don’t get along and a human size dog equals NEED SPACE FOR SANITY)(basically the size of our current place with less walls
  • dog friendly building (I keep mentioning elevators and BFP is having visions of our poor neighbors trapped in a box with our nutty, people obsessed dog. So, yeah, must love dogs. Heh.)
  • Outdoor space (at least enough to have a grill, a couple of chairs and some plants, I love container gardening)

I feel like there are more and I’ll probably hit publish and think of a few more but it will do for now. I can think about it all I want, but the reality of the situation is that I have to wait ‘til January when our lease is up to move away from this annoying neighborhood and my crumbling walls. sigh.

Thanks for listening,



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