Dances with Bulldogs

7 Jul

If you are ever feeling frustrated or low, dance around your living room, even better if it freaks out the dog. 😉


Because of that contest I won, they needed a few photos of me to put together the print ad going in Venus Zine. Gulp! Since this blog was intended to be anonymous, (there goes that idea), I hadn’t taken any self portraits since moving to Chicago other than the prerequisite camera in the mirror avatar for all the sites I joined.

Let’s just say I spent the afternoon rectifying the situation. The good news is that it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new remote, which works perfectly. The bad news is that I spent the afternoon taking photos of myself which meant I would take a few, upload them onto my computer, which is in the toasty warm office, then transfer them to the laptop in the much cooler dining room to determine how well they turned out.

I picked a few that weren’t bad, did a little editing via picnik and sent them on, hoping at least one would work for their purposes. They were happy and I am relieved I don’t have to do all that for quite a while.


In other news, we tried out another restaurant Sunday afternoon that we walk by quite often, but was usually packed with the oh so trendy Lincoln Park crowd, so we never went in. We left the apartment at lunch time and Boyfriendpants took my hand and started walking, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going(he likes to do stuff like this, he’s a nut, that man). I had no idea where we were going until we walked up to the door and I was surprised but he said someone at work recommended it and the woman has sent us to some great places, so we were game. On a Sunday afternoon, it was less trendy and more families, so it scores high on the places to take visiting family scale. Oh, what restaurant am I talking about? The Counter. It’s an upscale burger place, where you build your own burger, from the toppings to the bun. And I’m a fan of any place that offers sweet potato fries as a side, but there are also literally tons of options to make your burger YOUR burger. I wouldn’t recommend going for dinner unless you want to fight the terminally hip for a table, but lunch was delicious and fast, plus they have a kids menu for my nephew, the picky one. There is only one location in Chicago, on Diversey, near Clark, but it is also a chain and has a bunch of locations in California. The place is trendy and modern looking, but our burgers were $8.50 which isn’t bad for the neighborhood and they have some “adult” milkshakes that I am dying to try next time. 😉

On another note, I accidentally got on the purple line today, which is an express train going to Evanston. I was so mad at myself, by going that far, I missed my belly dancing class tonight since I was on a completely different line going in the wrong direction and by the time I would have made it to Lincoln Square, I would have been showing up when the class was half over. I have never even SEEN a purple line train, but I managed to be so distracted by the heat that I just jumped on the first train that stopped at my station without even thinking about it. And it was HOT! I sweated all the way to Howard. Ugh. Well, I won’t do THAT again, but I was pretty hot and grumpy by the time I got home. It was my turn, apparently, since Boyfriendpants was actually in a decent mood tonight, which might have something to do with a call he got from a university!! Woo! The man is crazy dedicated when he is job hunting and he’s been pretty miserable at his current place. It’s a good position, so here’s hoping they really want him. 😉


Thanks for listening,

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One Response to “Dances with Bulldogs”

  1. The Maiden Metallurgist July 7, 2010 at 2:51 pm #

    I took my parents and visiting family to the counter! It does have a good vibe for that.

    I used to get so confused about the trains, and I was constantly getting on the right train… but going the wrong way. For some reason I was so mystified by the El when I first moved here. Sorry you got on an express- no jumping off and then back on there!

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