Dog colds, crafting, and contest wins, oh my!

2 Jul

So much is going on, I’m going to use bullets:

  • I had an interview this week, but it was cancelled the day before, as they found someone to fill the position. I was really looking forward to having money again, so that sucked.
  • I found out yesterday that I won a contest on, they were having a contest to make a list for a BBQ, and they thought mine was the best…wha? So, that was unexpected, but the the $300 prize is welcome. 😉 I also win a subscription to Venus zine and a 2 page ad in the mag featuring me and my list. This is where I freak out a little. I just don’t know what to do with that. At all. So.
  • I’m already making a mental list of what to spend that gift card on, including a swimsuit, cause I havn’t been to the beach yet, and that’s just sad when I can freaking WALK there.
  • We finally bought another a/c for the apartment, just in time for the hot weather coming this weekend. We had a small one for the bedroom, but that only helped at night and on the really hot days, I would hole up all day in the bedroom with the dog and the laptop. That gets old, fast. So, yay, here’s to being able to cook on days that get above the low 80’s!!
  • Bogart has cold which has manifested into congestion, which means he makes old man hacking noises trying to clear his throat, which is at once hilarious and disturbing to hear that sound coming out of a dog.
  • I went to the Davis theater in Lincoln Square wed. afternoon to see Eclipse. And honestly? I kinda loved it. I had that feeling I get when I finished one of the books, it really felt like the book had come to life for me. I had a couple minor issues with it, but I actually won’t feel silly buying it when it comes out on DVD and watching it over and over.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Chicago Craft Social and had a total blast, its really nice hanging out with crafty people, they understand the crazy obsession that making things does to a girl. I didnt a door prize, but my second demo that I chose included a ton of swag, so it was like I won anyway. Plus, I learned two new techniques and chatted with a bunch of local crafty people and snacked on food donated by local bakeries, TOTALLY worth the entry fee. Here are a couple of pics I took that night, the last is all the swag I ended up with. 😉


pendent made for charity, everything made at this station that night would be donated to women in need


making jewelry, using a neat technique I learned that night




And I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of Penny, our Siamese kitty


I took it with my camera phone. From the looks of things, you would think she was really pissed at me, but this is a normal expression for her. Siamese cats are….an interesting breed. She generally has a look of scorn on her face, if not full on evil. She’s crazy, in a good way. Well, we enjoy it, but have to REALLY like cats to tolerate the sort of nonsense that this one can get up to. They are also really “vocal”. She is not shy about telling you what she thinks….about pretty much anything. 😉

Thanks for listening,



3 Responses to “Dog colds, crafting, and contest wins, oh my!”

  1. Jamie Ann July 3, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    Okay here we go:

    – YAY for winning and getting PUBLISHED!
    – Poor Bogart. I want to meet that pup one of these days!
    – Eclipse was actually way good! I have super crushes on Paul and Riley.
    – Totally bummed I missed out on the craft social!
    – What a cute kitty. My friend wanted a Siamese kitty so bad but she has three now so I doubt her fiancee will let her get another haha

  2. Nicole Marie July 3, 2010 at 7:31 am #

    The crafting thing sound rather awesome! I love the charity component.

    And congrats!

  3. The Maiden Metallurgist July 6, 2010 at 3:45 pm #

    This is my third summer in Chicago- and the first time I made it to the beach was last month! I was totally missing out- get thee to the beach!

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