Weekend Update: projects and what I’ve been up to

7 Jun

If you follow my twitter, you may know that I found a coffee table to redo into a giant ottoman for our living room but I hit a roadblock when I discovered that it is impossible to buy spray paint in the city of Chicago. (Doesn’t stop the tagging by the way, I see it all over, they use paint markers on the el.) Anyway, I had it in my head that it would be easier to prime and paint the coffee table legs and in turn the dining room table legs with spray paint than with brushes. Another thing slowing down the works was buying the foam. High density foam, the kind used in upholstering furniture is not cheap. I waited for Memorial day weekend, knowing that Joann’s would have good sales. So, 50% off foam, 40% off batting, 50% off fabric and an extra 10% off everything means 60 bucks later and I had nearly everything I needed to make my giant ottoman.

This weekend, we made a trek to the evil empire (walmart) to buy spray paint and a jumble of other things we would usually buy at our local target. Niles, IL is the closest burb to us with a walmart, so that’s where we headed. One thing you should probably know is that boyfriendpants and I share a disdain for the suburbs that can be a little ridiculous at times so we were both expecting our Sunday afternoon jaunt to be painful if not excruciating (see:ridiculous). We found Niles to not be so bad, it reminded us of St. Louis in a way, and waiting in line to pay for our purchases was like Disney World in that we were one of the few people there speaking english. (Also, we FINALLY found a trash can that we both agreed on, score!) The day was a success and we went home raring to go on our project. (My project, boyfriendpants offered an opinion on the fabric print and pressed on buttons…I’ll explain later.) The ottoman is ALMOST done, a design change means another run to Joann to get a few more inches of fabric but I’ll post pictures and a how to tomorrow when I get it just as I want it.

In other news, Bogart got a summer haircut and it’s amazing what a little hair does to even a dog. He looks so much more boxer now than before, he’s all long legs and you can really see just how TALL he is when he isn’t shlumping about in the typical bulldog manner. I took him to our local Petco, which was kind of expensive, but it’s a place that he loves because of all the treats that he cons out of the workers there and it’s also a less than 10 minute walk from our apartment. He had never been to a groomer, I took over bathing duty when we moved here, since he tends to take me more seriously when I tell him to do something he doesn’t want to, he knows who the sucker in this family is. (I’ll give you a hint, his name starts with boy, and ends with pants) He’s had a few trims from family members but nothing all over. I dropped him off and then panicked about leaving my baby for over 2 hours without me. I was ridiculous. People, I was on the edge of TEARS. Leaving my DOG at the GROOMERS. Geez.

When it was all over and I had paid, they leashed him up and handed him over and then a few seconds later, he realized that it was ME holding the leash and he went batshit crazy showing me how happy he was to see me. Not the brightest is our Bogart. We made it home and for some reason, he freaked out that boyfriendpants wasn’t there too, pacing around the apartment, crying, going back and forth from the backdoor to the front door and back. THEN. My idiot dog decided he would go LOOK for boyfriendpants since he was missing? I can’t understand what is going on in his head half the time. So here’s when he went completely nuts…he decided that boyfriendpants must be outside and busted out the cheap ass screen door to get to him. By the time I realized what had happened, he was all the way down the 3 flights of stairs, across the courtyard, and standing at the back gate, franticly looking both ways down the alley. Some days, having a dog is exhausting. So, after all the drama, time for the payoff with a little preview of the ottoman….





He’s not sad about the forced posing, he is VERY SERIOUS about the treat in my hand. lol

His cool downs from walks are much shorter and easier now with the shorter hair, which is what we were going for. Until next time….

Thanks for listening,



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