Tattoo for you, tattoo for me

27 May

Ever since reading Jamie’s post about her new tattoo, I have had tattoos on the brain and I managed to get boyfriendpants in on the insanity. He turned 40 this Tuesday and he doesn’t have a tattoo but has decided he must have one. (mid-life crisis anyone? Could be worse. lol) The problem with his tattoo is very carefully balancing the bad ass of a tattoo with the total dork that he is. 😉 We debated a 50’s pin-up girl, light hearted but still manly. We thought we had arrived on a solution, a fleur de lis, the symbol of where we met and his hometown. But it seems that the fleur de lis has become a very popular tattoo since Katrina, so that was out. We debated a bulldog, for Bogart, but it is very hard to find a bulldog that isn’t too cute

bulldog in a tutu

or too mean looking.

bulldog logo 2

He’s still debating but in trying to find an image that would illustrate what he wanted, I think I found my next tattoo. I was thinking about a bulldog to balance out the cat tattoo I already have and OMG the puppy in the tutu just makes me melt. That is the exact expression that Bogart gets when I make him do something he doesn’t want to. Too freaking cute and everyday I want it more. 😉

Thanks for listening,



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