To have a doorman of my very own

24 May

I seriously need to finish a blog post when I start it rather than wander off mid-paragraph like I have been doing. Gah. It’s like I suddenly developed ADD or something. I sit down to write and a few minutes later I’m leaving the room for something..though I can’t remember what it is by the time I pass through the doorway. sigh. I have some photos from last weekend when my little brother was here that I wanted to share but something happened last week that I really need to write about.

So. I saw this project on how to turn a coffee table into a tufted ottoman on a blog. Which is exactly what I wanted for our living room but was too cheap to shell out the cash for.

theo_sqott_TOP This one? $1, 110. Yeah, so back to the cheap option.

So, I ok’d it with boyfriendpants and started cruising craigslist off and on for the perfect one to work with. A few days ago, I found it. The square shape I wanted with turned legs and I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same coffee table she used for the tutorial. Crazy!

I emailed the seller to see if they would take a little less, which would work better with the budget I had allotted myself for the piece. They accepted and we arranged a time for me to come get it. Now, when I found the ad on craigslist, I purposely looked in neighborhoods that I was at least vaguely familiar with and wouldn’t be far to drive in case I had to be creative in getting a big piece of furniture home. The piece I found was in Streeterville, which if you know anything about Chicago is an expensive neighborhood on the north end of downtown. We will never be able to afford to live there. Not that we’d want to. So not the point. The point IS that I was going to an expensive neighborhood to buy a coffee table for 20 bucks. If that’s not ridiculous enough, i wasn’t sure that it would fit in my car, so I stopped at the Depot to buy rope to strap it to the top of my car just in case.

I called the seller’s wife to let her know I’d be there in a few minutes and set off with the address in the GPS. (By the way, best thing, EVER.) As I got closer, I realized that the apartment building was sitting smack dab in tourist central, in the shadow of the John Hancock building. Eek. The building had a little semi-circle drive that I wasn’t sure I could use so I parked there with the flashers on and ducked into the lobby to see where they wanted me to be. The doorman explained that there were designated spots on the side for visitors and that I would need to use the freight elevator in the back to bring the coffee table down. Let me first say that I’ve never lived in a building with a doorman before, hell, I’ve never visited someone who lived in a building with a doorman before. I’m probably a story he told this weekend, cause it could not have been more obvious that this was so. 😉

First, I had to parallel park, which I hate and get progressively worse at when people are watching. So, I struggled with that, but finally managed to make it into the spot available and back into the lobby where the doorman asked me how my day was going. And, so, OF COURSE, I had to tell him that I hate parallel parking which makes him laugh, cause he was watching and is WELL AWARE of how I suck at it. He explained that he would have to buzz the apartment and announce me and when she didn’t answer I told him about calling her, so I was expected. He sent me up, asking me to tell anyone who asked that he had made sure I wasn’t dangerous, which at this point was pretty obvious. lol

I went up in the regular elevator, paid the woman for the table, thanked her and was out of there in less than a minute. (The apartment was housing at least 3 people and was maybe half as big as ours. Also, probably cost 3 times as much. Yikes.)

As I was struggling to get my car door open while still holding the table, the doorman hurried out to help and was impressed that I was able to carry the damn thing. (3 foot square, solid wood, 40-50 pounds in a really awkward shape) We tested the front seat, but it wasn’t going to work and then I realized that the seller didn’t understand the concept of removable legs since the legs were held on with 2 bolts each. I took him at his word, so I didn’t have my tools with me. The doorman knew where a tool bag was on the property so there I was, on the sidewalk in Streeterville, within sight of the John Hancock building, using barrowed tools to remove the legs of a coffee table. Klassy. I ignored the strange looks, removed the bolts in record time and stuffed the table top in the back seat. The doorman thought I was superwoman though, and I wish I had gotten his name to thank him for his help.


Moral of the story? I am too much of a dork and too DIY for Streeterville, but it’s a good place to find cheap furniture and next time I will bring my own tools.

Thanks for listening,


p.s. More on the coffee table saga later, I picked out fabric, just have to order it.



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