An email from the property manager (DUN DUN DUN!!)

30 Apr

Boyfriendpants came home from work and told me that the property manager emailed him today since we changed our phone numbers and she needed to get a hold of him. (Actually he said M emailed him today and we went back and forth until he finally realized I didn’t know who he was talking about. I never met the woman. She handed him the keys on move-in day and we haven’t heard from her since.) She needed to give his number to a guy who does walk-throughs for the company, the guy was going to be calling us.

“What the hell is a walk-through?” was my first question. He had no idea. BUT. It could be a precursor to being asked to leave the complex. Which, as we all know from all the bitching I’ve been doing, wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.

So. Best case scenario, they are doing a walk-through of all the apartments to assess any problems that might need to be fixed.

Worst case scenario, they have some reason to want to see what’s going on in OUR apartment, someone complained about Bogart or…I don’t know, some imaginary something. The thing is, they really don’t HAVE any good reasons for asking us to leave. Although, ok, when the woman in charge of the landscaping told boyfriendpants that he wasn’t to be taking Bogart out the front of the building and he replied, “And YOU are?” wasn’t the best way to make friends with management. Of course, there is no sign, notice, nothing in the lease about it….again, the woman handed him the keys and we haven’t heard from her since.

So. While it’s POSSIBLE that someone has complained about our dog, it’s not that likely considering how many dogs live in the building.  

And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

What I am sure of is that I will not be here for any confrontation type activity. They can do what ever “walk-through” they want, Bogart and I will go to the lake or for a walk around the neighborhood. Boyfriendpants, though, is spoiling for a fight with these people, and I will happily let him lead the charge. I will give him notes on points he should bring up, but I am much more a strongly worded letter sort of girl.

I am also sure that I would be much happier living somewhere else. And, I’m sure that I hate moving and if we tally up all the times I have moved in the past YEAR alone, this one would make it three. THREE. I moved into my last single girl apartment May 1st of last year. I met boyfriendpants a few days later and moved WITH him in January to this place and now we are contemplating another move just a few short months later. I am THIS CLOSE to getting the apartment the way I want it. And I threw out all the boxes. Ugh.

But, yay! potential for better kitchen! and dishwasher! and real sound insulation between apartments! rather than none at all! and goodbye shitty sports bar on the corner! that boyfriendpants can never remember the name of!

Bottom line? We will be just fine with whatever happens. But, it certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing if we said goodbye to this apartment. At all.


One Response to “An email from the property manager (DUN DUN DUN!!)”

  1. rad_in_brooklyn May 1, 2010 at 5:18 am #

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me advice on birdseed. I’m going to take your advice (patience) and Audi’s (get different seed) and see what happens. Also, I dig your blog. I am jealous that you get to live in my favorite city. Also, if you all are on the hunt for a cool neighborhoods full of young people who aren’t obnoxious bros or trixies, nor are excruciatingly difficult to be around uber-hipsters, I’d recommend Andersonville, Edgewater, or Lincoln Square.
    I have some 1940s patterns in my stash. I am just on the lookout for some good (read: cheap, old thrift store dress type) fabric. Do you sew? That might be the easiest way to “go 40s”. Cheers!

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