He’s a Licker, Not a Fighter

15 Mar

Bogart in the Snow

How could you not just kiss this face?!

And then, of course, promptly wipe the dog slobber from your mouth when he sneaks in with the tongue.

He is VERY interested in the smell of your breath, he loves morning kisses with morning breath more than kisses that smell like toothpaste.


One of the cats yowling will bring him at a run, all lumbering klutz and bighearted concern

He thinks he’s a lap dog.

He has really sharp, pointy elbows.

All worn out

The bulldog in him makes it harder for him to breathe, so he can easily exhaust himself chewing, he looks like this most evenings. (well, mornings, too lol)

He’s afraid of pretty much everything, but hasn’t met a person or dog that he doesn’t love.

It hurts his feelings when dogs bark angrily at him, he just wants to play and can’t understand that his size can be intimidating for smaller dogs. (or humans)

People regularly cross the street rather than walk past him.

And his little sad eyes staring up at me, forehead wrinkled in concern and confusion, just breaks my heart.

 Bogart concern

thanks for listening,



One Response to “He’s a Licker, Not a Fighter”

  1. Jamie March 22, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    He is adorable. I would like to cuddle him.

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