What a Difference a Day Makes

9 Mar

I was supposed to have an appointment today that required money and since boyfriendpants is the only one actually making any, the appointment required a trip to the ATM. Which, APPARENTLY, meant I needed to remind boyfriendpants about approximately 80 bazillion times because he is forgetful and delicate like that and since it was MY appointment, that was my responsibility…to make sure he remembered….the thing we talked about half a dozen times over the weekend. But, it was all my fault that I had to reschedule he told me before he left for work this morning. He had nothing to do with the forgetting. AT ALL. Ahem.

I stewed about this most of the day, when I wasn’t checking facebook to see if I won a purse, hanging some photos on a wall,  glaring at the giant pile of dishes in the sink(not doing them, mind you, just glaring at them) or working on the dog-beast’s staying skillz, since I am determined to eventually work up to something like this. We are VERY CLOSE. And I am a giant dork who bought her dog a giant green hat for St. Patrick’s Day.

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, did you know they dye the RIVER green here?!? They do! We are going downtown next weekend for the parade and festivities, I can’t wait! I’m a sucker for silly holiday traditions. 😉

Oh! Back to the point! So, I spent all day feeling stabby, mostly at boyfriendpants, but the lack of sun that the weathermen predicted and the aforementioned dishes weren’t helping. And then! Guess who came home and started the dishes?! And then I didn’t want to stab him quite so much.

The end.

thanks for listening,




p.s. I’ve become one of “those” dog parents that puts one of her shirts on the dog


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