My day…with bullets

5 Mar


I need a more interesting life because if I told you about my day, it would go something like this:

1. slept in WAY too long, long enough that the lazy dog looked up as I walked past him on my way to the bathroom in censure (no, really!)

2. waited for the fed-ex guy, even though it was gorgeous outside for the first time in….nope I think it was just the first time. EVER.

3. I even took a shower with the bathroom door open so I didn’t miss hearing the buzzer. I am a devoted girlfriend (and I was absolutely sick of sharing a computer with boyfriendpants. He is playing a game and I am blogging, this is the recipe for a happy relationship)

4. Didn’t open the computer box(and I REALLY wanted to)

5. I watched The Office

6. I cleaned the floors in the living room/dining room so everything is all shiny and lemon scented now which makes me happy and if I happen to be chasing the dog as one of my shoes  dangles from his mouth and he wipes out on the waxy hardwood, I will try to only laugh on the inside.

7. The End

So. Maybe I should get a job?

thanks for listening,



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