You Give Love a Bad Name

4 Mar

I was cruising through the internets yesterday and stumbled upon the information that Eclipse, the third Twilight movie is coming out this summer instead of in the fall as I expected. And then I freaked out a little cuz (Squeee!) I don’t have to wait as long as I thought for my next Edward fix and then I was all sad face cuz all my Twilight girls are back home and I would never in a million years ask my boyfriend to see it with me, but you better believe that I’ll be there on opening night. (He tells me that vampire stories are rape fantasies and then grins at me since he knows I disagree and would love to argue with him but I REFUSE, he would enjoy it entirely too much….most days I could cheerfully strangle that man lol)

The reason I’m writing this drivel is because I am unable to sleep and so I was looking at celebrity photos on E! and I kept coming across photos of Kristin Stewart and I just have to say that I love Twilight like a twelve year old girl and I’ve heard that Kristin is a fine actress in indie films but I have yet to see it and if I could go back in time and somehow make it into the casting process of the first movie, I would BEG them to find someone else ANYONE ELSE. The girl schlumps and sullenly mopes about and it’s just more than I can take and they are stuck with her for the rest of the franchise. UGH.

Also. My friend Adema would smack me but…..I don’t like Rob Pattinson either. I mean, he’s a fine enough actor, I think he has skillz, but he’s not Edward and one promo interview and I was pretty much over it.

Seriously, they both need to wash their hair.

And I am old. Officially.

thanks for listening,



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